adj patients who have received mercury-free replacement of dental amalgams though they may still carry a “body burden” of mercury.
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The Minamata Convention on Mercury will further urge enterprises to move to mercury-free alternatives in products and non-mercury technologies in manufacturing processes.
As early as 1992, a renowned scientist wanted Merck to minimize mercury in Scandinavian vaccines, and single-dose mercury-free vaccines were introduced there.
EcoWaste also made some suggestions on observing ecofriendly Holy Week traditions, namely, 'abstinence' from plastic bag use and littering; walking, biking or taking public transport for 'visita iglesia' (church visitations); using recyclable materials for Pabasa huts (singing of the Passion of the Christ); using recyclable containers for food meant for sharing; picking up trash along the routes of the neighborhood Via Crucis (Way of the Cross); and adorning floats on Good Friday with mercury-free bulbs.
The water purification system features ech2o mercury-free UV lamps for the photoxidation of organic contaminants.
The Campaign for Mercury-Free Dentistry promotes mercury-free alternatives to protect the environment, consumers and dental workers from mercury exposure.
Lextar Electronics Corp (TAIEX:3698), a vertically-integrated Taiwan LED company, reported on Tuesday that it signed an LED cooperation agreement with Cree Inc (Nasdaq:CREE), a provider of energy-efficient, mercury-free LED lighting.
Dynisco has been selected to receive yet another prestigious award for development of the Vertex[R] mercury-free pressure sensor.
The convention provides a blueprint for country action to eliminate the most harmful forms of mercury use, reduce mercury emissions from industry, promote mercury-free methods, protect children and women of childbearing age from mercury exposure, and take steps to improve workers health and well-being.
Applications include safe level position monitoring for truck bonnets, robot arms and storage vessel closures where its mercury-free construction suits contamination-safe installation.
He suggested that the technology is widely-available to manage mercury pollution from emissions controls to mercury-free alternatives for nearly all mercury-containing products and industrial processes.
The company launched its mercury-free, environmentally-friendly range a couple of years back, and has been looking at different ways to increase the power that can be derived from an increasingly-shrinking battery.
The UV-Pearl uses UV-C LED technology, allowing instant full intensity on start-up and mercury-free water treatment.