mercury vapor lamp

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mer·cu·ry va·por lamp

a lamp in which the electric arc is in an ionized mercury vapor atmosphere; it produces ultraviolet light that can be used therapeutically or in diagnostic photometry.
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A standard mercury vapor lamp has 60 to 70 percent of its output below 340, and the black acts as a sponge.
Although the total spectral output of such a lamp is very similar to that of a standard mercury vapor lamp, the spectral bands actually shift toward longer wavelength.
Fifty-three percent of the patients treated by ophthalmologists had used bed/booth devices, 17 percent had used reflective bulbs, 11 percent used mercury vapor lamps, and 20 percent used unspecified UV devices.
Thus, a standard camera rated for incandescent light will have considerably less sensitivity when observing a scene lighted by mercury vapor lamps.
UV LED lamps are alternatives to the mercury vapor lamps that have been around for more than 130 years.
Through that work, the company generates a variety of hazardous wastes, including paint and solvent wastes, used oil, and used fluorescent and mercury vapor lamps, according to the EPA
Additionally, the manufacture of general-purpose mercury vapor lamps will be banned after January 1, 2016.
If you want even more functionality than the traditional PLC power supply provides, you may choose a new 27-step unit capable of up to 600w and running either Metal Halide or Mercury Vapor lamps.
Generally, high-pressure sodium lamps are considered the most efficient with instant restrike capability; metal halide lamps provide the best color rendering for dramatic highlights and sports lighting; and mercury vapor lamps, with very long lives, are preferred for landscape and sign lighting.
Many outdoor lighting security systems depend on mercury vapor lamps.