mercury chloride

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mercury (I) chloride

HgCl, a heavy white powder formerly used in small doses in medicine as a laxative. It is also used as a component of certain reference electrodes, e.g., the calomel electrode. Synonym: mercurous chloride
CAS # 10112-91-1
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mercury (II) chloride

HgCl2, a highly toxic inorganic salt of mercury.
CAS # 7487
Synonym: mercuric chloride
See also: mercury
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The minimum inhibitory concentration (MICs) is determined by cultivating the different strains (donor, recipient and transconjugant) on TYA medium containing different concentrations of: Mercury chloride ([HgCl.
aeruginosa strain resists cetrimide while it is sensitive to mercury chloride.
The purpose of this study was to submit subjects poisoned with mercury chloride via intraperitoneal injections to behavioral tests, in order to examine the consequences of its toxicity on the agonistic species-specific display as shown in response to the mirror-image test.
The present results show that mercury chloride produces a marked global reduction in behaviors whether the treatment was administered in either acute or progressive doses in Betta splendens.
Of different formulations used in seed treatment of Oryza sativa, emisan (2-methoxy ethyl mercury chloride, 0.
In one case, a nineteen-year old married woman relied on regular douching with dissolved mercury chloride tablets for birth control.
Mutagenicity of mercury chloride and mechanisms of cellular defense: the role of metal-binding proteins.
2] and methyl mercury chloride on permeability and chloride secretion across the rat colonic mucosa.