mercury chloride

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mercury (I) chloride

HgCl, a heavy white powder formerly used in small doses in medicine as a laxative. It is also used as a component of certain reference electrodes, e.g., the calomel electrode. Synonym: mercurous chloride
CAS # 10112-91-1
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mercury (II) chloride

HgCl2, a highly toxic inorganic salt of mercury.
CAS # 7487
Synonym: mercuric chloride
See also: mercury
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The minimum inhibitory concentration (MICs) is determined by cultivating the different strains (donor, recipient and transconjugant) on TYA medium containing different concentrations of: Mercury chloride ([HgCl.sub.2]), Zinc chloride ([ZnCl.sub.2]), and antimony ([SbO.sub.3]) from 100 to 9000 [micro]g /ml.
According to the Tukey's test, using two concentrations of mercury chloride (Hg[Cl.sub.2]) resulted in no significant differences between the means, indicating that this factor has no influence on infection rates or necrosis, but influenced survival of explants.
Abbreviations: Hg[Cl.sub.2], mercury chloride; MnS[O.sub.4], Mn-sulfate; PEG, polyethylene glycol.
These patterns were used as a measure for evaluating behavioral changes caused by mercury chloride.
University researchers are testing DNA from his hair for traces of mercury chloride which would reveal if he used calomel.
The two seaweed aqueous extracts, at concentrations higher than 0.05 mg/mI, also display protection against neuronal death induced by methyl mercury chloride, as well as against methyl mercury chloride-mediated ROS generation.
Exposure to different levels of 2-methoxy ethyl mercury chloride (Aretan) and [HgCl.sub.2] do not affect dry matter and grain yields of Triticum aestivum but prevent germination of Phaseolus vulgaris.
On the other hand, many others, including the most popular brand, Lysol disinfectant, contained cresol (a distillate of coal and wood) or mercury chloride, either of which, when used in too high a concentration, caused severe inflammation, burning, and even death.
MEPs also confirmed their desire to extend the scope of the future regulation not only to metallic mercury, but also to cinnabar ore, mercury chloride and other mercury compounds with a mercury content higher than 5% mass-mass (amendments 20 and 21).
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