mercury arc

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mer·cu·ry arc

an electric discharge through mercury vapor between electrodes, one of which is usually mercury; provides a rich source of therapeutic ultraviolet rays; the containing tube is usually quartz; may also be glass with a fluorite window.
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After application to MDF panels, UV irradiation was carried out either with a conventional mercury arc lamp (IST) or with an array of fluorescent lamps.
Cuda Products Corp.'s newest, lightest, and smallest superbright miniheadlight, model H9000, is designed specifically for use with Xenon (CERMAX300 or DXL6000), Metal Halide (MX2-300), or Mercury Arc (M300) lightsources.
UD researchers use computer modeling to predict the unit's performance with mercury arc lamps.
His discovery, as is so often the case, came in a roundabout way, while he was using a mercury arc rectifier to illuminate the rotor of a synchronous motor.
First we simply duplicated Gabor's work using a mercury arc lamp.
Using a 5-s exposure of a UV microbeam (a 200-W mercury arc lamp served as the source), we cleanly severed single microtubules extending from the axonemes.