mental impairment

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men·tal im·pair·ment

a disorder characterized by the display of an intellectual defect, as manifested by diminished cognitive, interpersonal, social, and vocational effectiveness and quantitatively evaluated by psychological examination and assessment.
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Summary: If the victim was a child or a mentally impaired person, the punishment can be death an Emirati lawyer said
He was sentenced to undergo hormone treatments that left him physically and mentally impaired. Alone and forgotten, he committed suicide.
And if most people are like me, then they would also notice the lack of appropriate facilities for the physically or mentally impaired.
On the grounds he was mentally impaired, Villaescusa denied charges including sexual assault and attempted murder.
Rawalpindi -- A mentally impaired girl was allegedly raped by two people within Taxila police jurisdiction.
Our criminal courts are important access points to mental health services, particularly through the Criminal Procedures (Mentally Impaired Persons) Act 2003.
This pigment was first observed by Johann Heinrich Meckel in 1847 in the blood and spleen of a mentally impaired person.
Giffords, and reported their names to the FBI as "prohibited persons." For them to get their rights back, these veterans would have to renounce their disability benefit and prove to a VA doctor that they are no longer mentally impaired, then they could petition for restoration of rights and hope for the best.
There would have been many more people with a mental disorder than appeared in the courts and it is clear from this study that the mentally impaired were not shunned or ostracised by their families and societies.
Classmates and even a nun branded him as being mentally impaired and assumed he would never graduate eighth grade..
These include full-time students, student nurses, the mentally impaired, soldiers, and diplomats.