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The functional attributes of the mind; mental activity.
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n. pl. mentali·ties
The sum of a person's intellectual capabilities or endowment.
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A manner of thinking; mindset.
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The functional attributes of the mind; mental activity.
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Patient discussion about mentality

Q. Is depression is a mental disease? how do you treat it?

A. I can confirm as a patient being treated for depression that it is mental. Its supposed to be caused by a complicated chemical imbalance in the brain.

Q. Regarding mental illness My mom is suffering from mental illness. As she remains absent minded through out the day, moreover remains silent (talkless), suffering with idiot ideas. Pls advise me how may i resolve this prob. She is sufferring from last 4 years....!!! and now it has increased. We are also under supervision of phycologist but he used to kept her on sleep as alternative. I need yr some corrective suggestion & help. Regards Parth

A. Parth- Dan could be right, there might be another diagnosis for your mother. it sounds like late stages of Parkinson's, but that would be hard to miss due to a very clear first stages.. if Schizophrenia was diagnosed properly - you should know that there are cases of recovery but it's about 15%. so it's not much, but a dual treatment can improve her state. is she taking any medication?

Q. In what ways does bipolar different from mental depression?

A. bipolar disorder is like being on a giant swing that one side is depression and the other is mania. you suffer from depression episodes and mania episodes. mania is an excessive good mood, sounds good but it's not. it''s wearing out you and your close ones. make you buy stuff you don't need and such.

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Moreover, the Muslim lunatic showed none of the "mobile and polymorphous, at times rich psychoplasticity of the civilized man and the European." Porot reflects the tendencies of the British ethnopsychiatrists in Vaughan's analysis who concluded that the native was "normally abnormal." Despite Porot's efforts to present clear definitions of normal and pathological mentalities, Begue notes (emphatically) that Porot produced an "even greater confusion between the normal and pathological stares of th e indigene, as the normal indigene appears to have a pathological mentality!" (56)
In the previous sections, we have shown that a major part of this variety can be traced to determining factors like the professional background of testators, their family environment, the way wills were made, and long-term changes in mentalities. These factors influenced bequests to persons inside and outside the family and to charitable institutions.
I have excluded several important sections, especially Bonfil's delightful excursion into the history of Jewish mentalities, which encompasses several stimulating chapters on time and space, loudness and silence, colors, tastes and odors, and birth, marriage, and death.
However Schmidt is careful to point out that the model of the German Sonderweg does not precisely fit this history of German mentalities, since synchronic comparison with the discourse on America in other European countries - particularly England, France, and Italy - clearly shows that most of the German tropes were present, albeit with different mixes and emphases, in the other countries as well.