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men·ta·lis (mus·cle)

facial muscle of chin; origin, incisor fossa of mandible; insertion, skin of chin; action, raises and wrinkles skin of chin, thus elevating the lower lip; nerve supply, facial.
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A, Marginal mandibulectomy anterior view (long arrow, inferior bone margin; short white arrows, mentalis muscle bundles).
The Quaddel injection was also made in the trigeminus outlets (supraorbital, infraorbital, mentalis).
Simultaneous recording of the mentalis, flexor digitorum superficialis, and extensor digitorum brevis muscles provided the highest rates of REM sleep phasic EMG activity in patients with RBD.[13] Recording of EMG activity in the mentalis muscle and phasic EMG activity in the right and left flexor digitorum superficialis muscles in the upper limbs was also recommended;[14] (3) Absence of electroencephalogram (EEG) findings of epileptic activity unless RBD can be differentiated from concurrent epilepsy during REM sleep; and (4) The disturbances are not better explained by another sleep disorder, neurological disorder, mental disorder, and medication or substance abuse.[2]
Eletromyographic activity evaluation and comparison of the orbicularis oris (lower fascicle) and mentalis muscles in predominantly nose- or mouth-breathing subjects.
Furthermore, the soft tissue chin is drawn, eliminating any hypertonicity evident in the mentalis area.
Sullivan, Develop mentalis m and China's Human Rights
In addition, two standard chin EMG electrodes were applied over the mentalis and submentalis muscles.
When in the subcutaneous skin, by bisecting the mentalis muscle, the mandibular periosteum was reached via a blunt dissection up to the upper edge of the lower mandibula.
However, one of the earliest and best known advocates of Mentalis restrictio in Spain was the Dominican Martin de Azpilcueta Jaureguizar, in an anecdote related in his Oommentarius in cap.
Los registros de esta investigacion indicaron que la actividad electromiografica en DA del masetero y del mentalis fue mayor en el sexo masculino que en el femenino; en el grupo de edad de 10 a 12 anos hubo mayor actividad del masetero en los ninos con DA que en los controles, evento que no ocurrio al comparar el grupo de 7 a 9 anos con el control.
175); "Stalin: moral retorna ao Direito ao inves de avancar para a etica (consequencia: reservatio mentalis, auto-enganacao etc, foi pelo Direito naturalmente, quer pela distorcao moral)." (LUKACS, 2015, p.