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his theories about Mentalese items are stated in English--not Mentalese
1994), The Elm and the Expert: Mentalese and Its Semantics.
On the other hand, psychological semantics attempts to specify how something is computed by using forms of mentalese (internal thinking processes) that do not depend on the syntactic 'compositionality' of model-theoretic language construction (Johnson-Laird 1990, p.
We can use Mentalese to learn other things, but, Fodor argues in his [1981], Mentalese itself is unlearnable.
The first two chapters of the book clearly set out Carruthers's background assumptions and introduce the introspective datum that we consciously think in natural language rather than in Mentalese.
Ontological Reduction by Logical Analysis and the Primitive Vocabulary of Mentalese, GYULA KLIMA
Fixing the shortcomings of LOT 1 requires supplementing the Representational Theory of Mind (RTM) with pure referentialist semantics of Mentalese.
In fact, cognitive psychology is solipsistic and needs only properties that ascribe non-semantically specified computational roles to Mentalese expressions--properties, so to say, of the form having in the belief-box a Mentalese sentence with such and such computational role.
Thus, the story transparency theorists tell about mental causation has essentially a dual character: there is a part that tells how behaviour, internal states and surroundings, all described in physical language--as neurostates playing certain functional roles, as sentences of mentalese, as stimulations of sense organs by the environment, as movements of limbs, and the like--causally interconnect, and there is a part that tells about which of these goings on should be described in psychological terms--which neurostates or functional states are to be called beliefs, which limb movements are to be called actions, and so on.
But mentalese is certainly not limited to cognitive ethology.
CHRISTOPHER DAVID VIGER, "Mental Content in a Physical World: An Alternative to Mentalese.
The semantic properties of a token of mentalese are explained by its syntactic structure, and the semantic properties of the concepts that compose it.