mental region

men·tal re·gion

the region of the chin.
Synonym(s): regio mentalis [TA]
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Recent advancements in clinical dentistry have increased the possibility of procedures in the mental region and a detailed knowledge of the mental foramen anatomy may not only aid in the prevention of post-surgical neurovascular complications and morbidity, but also hold the potential of contributing as an identifying maxillofacial anthropologic characteristic feature for different populations.
The anatomical location and morphology of the MF is an important parameter while considering the mental nerve anesthetic block and surgical procedures in the labial mental region. In the current study, the variations in anatomical location and shapes of MF in a specified population have been assessed.
Patient reported of paresthesia in the mental region, which was expected, due to incisal nerve sectioning.
A 77-year-old male patient was referred to the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery with the complaint of swelling in relation to lower left mental region for the past year.
Mental Foramen (MF) is an important anatomical landmark to facilitate surgical, local anaesthetic and other invasive procedures for dental surgeons performing peri-apical surgery in the mental region of mandible.
After one month, patient presented with a soft, fluctuant and mobile swelling in the sub mental region plunging in the midline.
The most common areas of involvement are the chin and sub mental region. Other sites of drainage are the cheek, canine space, nasolabial fold, nose, upper lip and inner canthus of the eye7.
On examination there was scarring to the left mental region with evidence of previous revision surgery and a draining cutaneous sinus (Fig.
Magnetic resonance imaging of the head revealed two mass lesions, one 2.5x2 cm on the left mandibular corpus, and the other 2x1.5 cm on the mental region of the mandible, which showed homogenous contrast uptake, and caused significant expansion and bone destruction.
Solitary fibrous tumor in the mental region. Pathol Int 2001;51:905-8.
Accurately locating the vertical position of the mental foramen would help in achieving successful local anaesthesia and reducing the rate of neural and vascular complications in the mental region. This can be aided by an accurate placement of the needle's insertion point, modifying the flap design and vertical level of soft tissue incisions (Moiseiwitsch, 1998), osteotomy sites and extension of bony drilling.
[1,2] MF is an important anatomical landmark to facilitate diagnostic, surgical, local anesthetic and other invasive procedures for Dental Surgeons performing periapical surgery in the mental region of mandible.

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