mental level

mental level,

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I share with you this sense of oppressive narrowness; but it is necessary that we should feel it, if we care to understand how it acted on the lives of Tom and Maggie,--how it has acted on young natures in many generations, that in the onward tendency of human things have risen above the mental level of the generation before them, to which they have been nevertheless tied by the strongest fibres of their hearts.
I have heard to-night similar, but even more offensive, sentiments from the person who has just sat down, and though it is a conscious effort of self-effacement to come down to that person's mental level, I will endeavor to do so, in order to allay any reasonable doubt which could possibly exist in the minds of anyone.
She was replied that well educated teacher is not better than well trained and mental understating person thus teacher is supposed to know the mental level of student.
We are able to compete with teams now on a physical and mental level," the Argentine said.
And Pochettino said: "We're able to compete now with the biggest teams on a physical and mental level and this is preparing well for what's coming in the future and in particular for us to achieve the goals we have.
We are starting to believe in our potential and that we can compete on a physical and mental level wit the top teams.
Hence, while we are in this world, we human beings have three levels - the bodily or physical level, the mind or mental level, and the soul or spiritual level.
It is so beyond my mental level," the "Mercy Street" alum admitted.
On a mental level, I have noticed that a lack of balance affects my concentration and alertness.
About the mental level of students, respondents at large scale opined that material was not according to mental level of students.