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men·tal im·age

a picture of an object not present, produced in the mind by memory or imagination.
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men·tal im·age

(men'tăl im'ăj)
A picture of an object not present, produced in the mind by memory or imagination.
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By popular request, we are resuming our three-hour seminar on self-healing through visualization or mental imagery on July 13, 3-5 p.m.
When we talk about mental imagery, we usually focus on the substantive contents of our imagery: the things that we experience as part of an imaginative act.
evaluated the efficacy of personalized observation, execution, and mental imagery (POEM) therapy, a new approach designed to integrate sensorimotor and language-based strategies to treat verb anomia.
Just like in practice, concentrate and be focused when doing mental imagery.
"We did a lot of interesting stuff about mental imagery and rehearsal, and the affects that can have on the body.
The final chapter, on Mental Practice and Imagery, is particularly useful, touching on various modes of dance, all of which are enhanced by mental imagery practice.
Typical strategies include mental imagery. This psyching-up technique has been applied to (a) reduce muscle fatigue, (b) improve strength performance in sports without sensorial input, using mental training with perceptual experiences, which includes simulations of movements and specific task perceptions and (c) enhance motor recovery in patients after injuries (Reiser et al., 2011; Rozand et al., 2014; Tod et al., 2015).
As will become apparent in this part of the analysis, we begin by describing an intensive and extensive practice of mental imagery cultivation, visualization meditation; this will eventually bring us, however, to an understanding of how this practice leads "organically" to, among a number of goals, a potentially radically enhanced sensory-perceptual goal in particular.
fMRI measured the effect of PoNS neurostimulation while performing working memory and mental imagery tasks.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Regular mental imagery exercises help preserve arm strength during 4 weeks of immobilization, researchers have found.

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