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men·tal im·age

a picture of an object not present, produced in the mind by memory or imagination.
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men·tal im·age

(men'tăl im'ăj)
A picture of an object not present, produced in the mind by memory or imagination.
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Many studies have demonstrated the efficacy of mental images for aiding recall (for review, see Gonzalez, Amor, & Campos, 2003; Paivio, 1971; Richardson, 1980).
Jones, suggested the wings be separate and operated with rods, Japanese puppet-style, did Weiss see his mental image materialize.
Taken at face value, what Hume seems to suggest is that all we need do in order to tell whether a state of affairs is possible is to attempt to form a mental image of the state of affairs in question.
The only winners are the Vegan Society, who'll be seeing a rise in members thanks to a mental image that causes an immediate loss of appetite for a meat feast.
At what point during the creative process did somebody think: "If the mental image of Ian Botham's sweaty box doesn't make 'em hungry for beef, nothing will"?
The student is asked, "If the music you are playing were the music for a movie, what scenario might be appropriate?" To answer this question, the student must form a mental image of tone and timing that expresses the emotion suggested by the score.
It's left me with a mental image that has put me off my breakfast.
Because what's the point of being unwell unless everyone both knows and has a clear mental image of it, eh?
He explores dreaming by age group, the connection the sighted desperately maintain between vision and proper socialization, night terrors, sleepwalking, nightmares, post-traumatic dreams, the formulation of dreams and how the dreamer applies them mentally, fetal dreams, the claims attached to mental image leading to visual processing, the ways in which literate culture interprets dreams, and dreams as sources of literary works.
It's clear from what you say that this man is very keen on you and there's a fair chance he's already made a pretty good mental image of what you'd look like naked.
The other surprise Synopsis offered was for those whose mental image of Jouve's work is limited to the life-size "characters" (personnages) that have been widely exhibited over the past decade.
Moreover, tests have shown that it's difficult to generate a mental image if one's eyes are prevented from moving.

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