mental hospital

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men·tal hos·pi·tal

a medical institution for the care and treatment of persons with psychiatric and psychological disorders.

mental hospital

A psychiatric hospital.
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Like them, more than 600 people are stuck at mental hospitals across north and east India despite being cured of their ailments.
So from our admittedly biased standpoint in Lane County, there are good arguments for going ahead with the mental hospital.
One of the options the agency proposed is eliminating even more beds - more than 190 of them - from five of the state's 10 mental hospitals.
The ultimate answer will depend on how we respond to these disturbing data on our state mental hospitals.
Gray encouraged registered mental nurses to undertake general training and offered state RNs one year's dispensation off mental hospital training.
This summer, Arpke will publish You Don't Have To Be Crazy But It Helps, a collection of recipes interspersed with stories from the mental hospital.
Yoder, who completed a prison sentence for assaulting his ex-wife in 1991, has been locked in a mental hospital ever since, based on a series of dubious and contradictory diagnoses.
You write about how, before you went into the mental hospital, you experienced everything you saw on television as if it were about you.
A lot of Morpethians have worked up there and, obviously, it has been the county mental hospital in times past.
Nonprofit organizations sued state officials, contending that delays by a state mental hospital in accepting mentally incapacitated criminal defendants for evaluation and treatment, violated the defendants' substantive and procedural due process rights.
A fever outbreak at a state-owned Singapore mental hospital may not be due to SARS after all as preliminary results of tests on some of the sickened patients and staff have not found any coronavirus, the Health Ministry said Thursday.
A RESTAURANT worker who killed his pregnant wife and left her body to rot in his house, has been sent to a secure mental hospital.

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