mental hospital

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men·tal hos·pi·tal

a medical institution for the care and treatment of persons with psychiatric and psychological disorders.
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mental hospital

A psychiatric hospital.
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Like them, more than 600 people are stuck at mental hospitals across north and east India despite being cured of their ailments.
Surely, this is a fair representation of how much pressure is put on mental hospitals due to the lack of community based inpatient units and forensic units.
Eventually, the madwoman is sent to the Sanli Bridge Mental Hospital. Abnormality is conceptualized as a disease by the medical discourse of "power-knowledge." (10) Nobody shows concern as to who has stolen the lute-shaped button of the white velvet cheongsam.
The COs' efforts were forgotten, but in the coming years some states did significantly boost funding for their mental hospitals.
In the case of the mental hospital, many with an interest in the subject have argued all along that big institutions such as the former Oregon State Hospital are outdated - as well as geographically inefficient.
The Texas Department of State Health Services, which operates the state's mental hospitals, at the request of lawmakers, has proposed a budget for the next biennium that is 10 percent less than its current budget.
Important new data I published recently with Joanne Atay and Raquel Crider (both with SAMHSA's Center for Mental Health Services) in Psychiatric Services show that for the first time in 50 years, the resident patient population of state mental hospitals has grown rather than declined.
Summary: The famous Egyptian actress Muna Zaki recennlty filmed one of the scenes from her new movie "Ehki Ya Shahrazad" (Shahrazad Talk) at a mental hospital
Grace Neill, who is well-known for her part in establishing state registration for general nurses, also played a significant role in promoting training for mental hospital nurses.
Three teenagers who have tried in various ways for various reasons to commit suicide find themselves committed to a mental hospital: Connor, who, in the manner of Edward Cory, seems to be everyone's definition of a golden boy; Tony, who is convinced he's a homosexual because all he's ever known is abuse; and Vanessa, who cuts herself to find relief from oppressive guilt.
I escaped from a mental hospital after I was falsely accused of stalking and attacking my neighbor in Manchester, Vermont.
The Cramps: Live at Napa State Mental Hospital (1984) was filmed in 1978 by Target Video folks (although it was released much later).

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