mental hospital

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men·tal hos·pi·tal

a medical institution for the care and treatment of persons with psychiatric and psychological disorders.

mental hospital

A psychiatric hospital.
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He is an innocent man who has never harmed anyone and yet he's been left in a mental home for all these years.
TV STAR Paula Yates is living in fear after a stalker who is obsessed with her went on the run from a mental home.
He warned me that if I told anyone, I'd be certified insane and put in a mental home.
In every mental home or institution nearly 50% of men and women have undergone lobotomy during the last 30 to 40 years.
Meanwhile, Friends star Courteney Cox, 41, is said to be negotiating a cameo role in the show, playing a mental home escapee.
If women got post natal depression, they were just shoved in a mental home.
I take pills for depression and I think I am close to signing myself into a mental home just to get away from everything.
It breaks my heart to think he could have spent the rest of his days in a mental home.
It broke up my marriage and put me in a mental home five or six times.
According to their press release, Brett spent his childhood listening to opera and eating biscuits and gravy, before spending a little time in a mental home.
But if they had told me I would have won four I would have directed them to the nearest mental home.
HARRY REDKNAPP last night dismissed Milan Mandaric's latest outburst against him as "sad" - and claimed listening to the Portsmouth chairman would drive anyone into a mental home.

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