mental health provider

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mental health (service) provider

Medtalk A person, partnership or professional corporation comprised of appropriately licensed persons–eg, certified substance abuse counselors, clinical psychologists, clinical social workers, licensed substance abuse treatment practitioner, licensed practical nurse, marriage and family therapist, mental health professional, physician, professional counselor, psychologists, registered nurse, school psychologist, or social worker. Cf Mental health professional.
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MPFT has been shortlisted in the mental health provider of the year category.
"We have teams of people surrounding the patient, the PCP, the medical assistant in the office, the mental health provider and care navigator.
Referral to a mental health provider is adequate for most patients with moderate symptoms of depression, but some patients may require active intervention during the clinical visit.
Tammany Parish School Board, by recommendation of the committee, approved $4 million to hire additional police officers and mental health providers, hiring 44 SROs and one full-time equivalent mental health provider at each school.
continue to experience critical mental health provider shortages, finds a new study.
While your doctors are keeping your body in top shape, your mental health provider is like a trainer for your mind.
In addition to the workers' rights document, the EEOC also released a document, The Mental Health Provider's Role in a Client s Request for a Reasonable Accommodation at Work, which helps therapists and other mental health professionals advise clients on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and what accommodations they may be entitled to.
As noted in Table 2, the NCAA Mental Health Best Practices document notes that a student-athlete's well-being is best served through a collaborative process in which the mental health provider is easily accessible and within or proximate to athletic department facilities, an interdisciplinary team consists of primary care and mental health providers, and the interdisciplinary team reviews the medical care of student-athletes.
The network adequacy requirements are quantitative, which means that adequacy is determined by factors such as waiting times or geographic distances to a mental health provider.
Adjourning the inquest, he also asked mental health provider Mersey Care, which runs Stoddart House, to file its own report.
Sheila Harrington, would require insurance carriers to provide coverage for treatment by "any licensed mental health provider located within the geographic coverage area of the health benefit plan.'' It reaffirms the right of consumers to receive treatment of a mental health condition from a provider of their choice without interruption caused by cessation of consumer coverage by a given carrier or employer.

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