mental component

mental component,

n the activities and influences of the mind, or consciousness. Inquiring, intending, visualizing, focusing, and trans-mitting are the elements of the mental component.
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Pisu noted that the contribution of financial hardship to the mental component of quality of life was somewhat unexpected.
Multivariate linear regression analysis indicated that the total DS14 score was independently associated with the mental component of SF-36 (p<0.
Furthermore, the questionnaire allows for evaluations of the physical component summary as well as the mental component summary.
Wukich said there's a big mystery about one aspect of quality of life (QOL) measurements: Why don't diabetic foot problems significantly disrupt the mental component of quality of life measures?
It has a physical component summary (PCS), and mental component summary (MCS).
mental component summary (MCS) containing the domains are vitality (VT), mental health (MH), social functioning (SF), and role emotional (RE).
The physical component summary (PCS) was the sum of the following the domains: physical functioning, role-physical, bodily pain and general health; for the mental component summary (MCS) we used the sum of: role-emotional, mental health, social functioning, and vitality, and the sum of both PCS and MCS we called the general score.
The effect on the mental component of the SF-12 was less clear, with possibly a decrease seen in some patients.
SF-36 has two summary scales including physical component and mental component summaries.