mental capacity

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A generic term for the sum of the resources available to an organisation, service or community, including people, money, equipment, expertise, skills and information.

A term referring to a person’s ability to understand and retain information about his/her medical condition and need for treatment.
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mental capacity

The ability of a person to make legally valid decisions.

Patient care

This ability can be tested with assessment tools such as the Aid to Capacity Evaluation (ACE) test, available on the Internet at

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However, the Court does not have power to overturn a valid decision to refuse medical treatment if that decision had been made when the person had full mental capacity.
The law recognizes different levels of mental capacity for different tasks.
An LPA will only be valid if the donor has mental capacity to set it up and they must not have been put under any undue pressure to do so, as they are giving someone else extensive power to make decisions about their life.
Justice Lowry did not accept this uncontroverted medical evidence and found that the children had not proven lack of mental capacity. He was not satisfied that the husband could not understand the simple nature of the contract of marriage and as a result he ruled the marriage valid.
HereEmma Howell, of legal firm Hugh James, considers the provisions of Mental Capacity legislation, at present passing through Parliament, which attempts to bring greater clarity and certainty to the issue
Mr Justice Francis had been asked to consider whether the man, who suffered brain damage as a child, had the mental capacity to marry his fiancee.
Some circumstances may impact the nurse's perception related to the nurse's fitness to practice including substance use disorders, mental illness or diminished mental capacity.
"Old EPAs contain various restrictions such as 'it can be only used for loss of mental capacity' or 'can only be used if there is medical evidence to support loss of mental incapacity'.
Heaping praises on current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for doing a "great job", Trump took a potshot at Tillerson, asserting that he did not have the necessary "mental capacity" and was "lazy as hell".
In Singapore, the Mental Capacity Act sets a legal framework to allow individuals aged [greater than or equal to]21 years to appoint in advance, trusted person(s) to make decisions (concerning personal welfare, healthcare, and assets) on their behalf in the event they lose mental capacity (temporarily or permanently) by signing a lasting power of attorney to legalise appointment of proxies.
Redstone's health has declined significantly and he has been at the center of litigation over his mental capacity for years with CBS asking a Delaware judge to allow Redstone to be deposed in the case or otherwise nullify testimony on his behalf.