mental capacity

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A generic term for the sum of the resources available to an organisation, service or community, including people, money, equipment, expertise, skills and information.

A term referring to a person’s ability to understand and retain information about his/her medical condition and need for treatment.

mental capacity

The ability of a person to make legally valid decisions.

Patient care

This ability can be tested with assessment tools such as the Aid to Capacity Evaluation (ACE) test, available on the Internet at

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State of mental capacity in today's lifestyle: Modern age is the age of innovation.
If all the formalities for making a Will have been met, unless a person challenging a Will can establish through evidence that the maker lacked the mental capacity to make a Will and/or was subject to undue influence, the probate courts are loath to find a Will invalid in part or in whole.
Individuals who sign an EPA are likely to be concerned that their mental capacity may subsequently deteriorate.
Based on the existence and quality of mental capacity, seeing that the "life experience" necessary for "one's own legal life" is acquired gradually, with age, the civil law regulates within the scope of the legal capacity to exercise rights, three distinct situations and, accordingly, classifies natural persons into three categories, according to the existence of the capacity to exercise rights.
They also advise clients in relation to more complex issues including Statutory Wills - where in very particular circumstances the court can make a will on behalf of those who do not have the required mental capacity.
The best way to handle the issue of reduced mental capacity with older clients is to determine whether or not they have been involved in other transactions that would require mental capacity.
In the light of the above discussion about the effect of the Constitution, the Children's Act, the National Health Act and the common law, provided s/he is sufficiently mature and has the necessary mental capacity [1] (section 129(2)), a child aged 12 years or more may refuse to consent to life-saving treatment without consent from a parent, guardian or caregiver and without the assistance of a parent or guardian.
The questions still unanswered are: 1) when does a taxpayer need to have the mental capacity to form the intent to change domicile, and 2) what level of mental capacity is enough to form such intent to change domicile.
Mr Justice Hayden gave specialists at the Royal Free London NHS Trust the go-ahead after ruling the mum lacked the mental capacity to make decisions.
com)-- Elevate Training and Development Ltd; a UK based learning centre has released Mental Capacity Act and DOLS learning activity for social workers undertaking continuing professional development.
There is a 'depressing' lack of awareness about the Mental Capacity Act (MCA), according to the Law Society of England and Wales.
Mental capacity legislation; principles and practice.