mental age

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1. the duration, or the measure of time of the existence of a person or object.
2. to undergo change as a result of passage of time.
achievement age a measure of achievement expressed in terms of the chronologic age of a normal child showing the same degree of attainment.
chronologic age the actual measure of time elapsed since a person's birth.
developmental age
1. age estimated from the degree of anatomical development.
2. in psychology, the age of an individual determined by degree of emotional, mental, anatomical, and physiological maturation.
gestational age see gestational age.
mental age the age level of mental ability of a person as gauged by standard intelligence tests.
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men·tal age (MA),

a measure, expressed in years and months, of a child's intelligence relative to age norms as determined by testing with the Stanford-Binet intelligence scale.
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mental age

n. Abbr. MA
A measure of intellectual development as determined by an intelligence test, expressed as the age at which that test score is typically attained. It was formerly used in calculating intelligence quotients but is now generally used only for children and people with intellectual disability.
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men·tal age

(MA) (men'tăl āj)
A measure, expressed in years and months, of a child's intelligence relative to age norms as determined by testing with the Stanford-Binet intelligence scale.
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These four objections are ably rebutted in James Fife's article, Mental Capacity, Minority, and Mental Age in Capital Sentencing: A Unified Theory of Culpability.
When asked about this Dr Kalyani said she knew Paul had some brain damage but not of his mental age.
A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "She has a mental age of between 12 and 15.
Shoppers told her Kieran, who has a mental age of seven, had left the Asda store with two teenagers.
A University of Durham study has found those using HRT also slashed years off their 'mental age,' reports the Daily Express.
A MAN accused of twice raping a teenage girl with a mental age of five is expected to face a retrial after a jury failed to reach a verdict in his case yesterday.
TWO Midland care workers have been cleared of wilful neglect after a man with the mental age of a child was allegedly abandoned for 12 hours on a minibus.
Leighanne Arkley, who is 14 but is said to have a mental age of seven, left her class at Windlestone School, near Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, at 1.45pm on Tuesday.
Would it not be a reasonable proposal that when the daubers are caught they not only have to pay the full cost of re-pairing the damage multiplied by their mental age, but are forced to take a compulsory GCSE in art.
Claims that he has a mental age of 14-15 are no defence against throwing a rabbit to an alligator at a local zoo.
Douglas McIntosh - who has a mental age of six - needed stitches for head and face wounds.