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To undergo menstruation.
[L. menstruo, pp. -atus, to be menstruant]


intr.v. menstru·ated, menstru·ating, menstru·ates
To experience menstruation or a menstrual period.


To undergo menstruation.
[L. menstruo, pp. -atus, to be menstruant]

Patient discussion about menstruate

Q. preventing pre menstrual MIGRAINES. Has anyone come up with any good preventive medicine for migraines? Mine come systematically right before and during the menstrual cycle. My (male) neurolight in Paris didn't seem to see a linkk with migraines and my cycle - or offer any preventive advice. I take Relpax to relieve. Does anyone have a more natural or preventive solution?

A. I have the same problem and take Topomax to prevent the migrains. Also make sure you get enough rest right before you start. There seems to be a correlation. It took about 2 months to fully work but at least the first migrain after I started taking Topomax wasn't as severe.

Q. can you get poly-cystic ovarian syndrome when you still have your menstrual cycle?

A. polycystic ovarian syndrome is when the egg does not come out- so i guess there is no menstrual that month. but as far as i know it's not every month that an egg decides to stay at home after 18... i guess you can check up more exact at this site:

Q. is it normal to get a nausous feeling around the time i would start my menstrual cycle?

A. Yes, it is absolutely normal to feel nausea before and during menstrual cycle. The shift in hormonal levels can cause also headaches, mood changes, feeling of bloating and other common symptoms.

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In the current study, it was observed that the girls' BMI in Sabzevar was higher than the corresponding figures in other Iranian regions and the menstruated girls' BMI was significantly higher than that of the non-menstruated girls.
Indeed, most women throughout evolution spent much of their adult lives pregnant or breast-feeding, which means they might have menstruated a mere 100 or so times.
Among women with a mutant BRCA1, those who began to menstruate before age 14 developed breast cancer earlier than those who first menstruated after 14.