meningococcal vaccine

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meningococcal vaccine

Any of the vaccines prepared from bacterial polysaccharides from certain types of meningococci. Meningococcal polysaccharide vaccines A, C, Y, and W135 are available for preventing diseases caused by those serogroups. A vaccine for meningococcal serogroup B is not available.

Patient care

All adolescents should initially receive meningococcal vaccine at age 11 or 12, and a booster at age 16. Patients with complement deficiencies, HIV, or asplenia should received two doses two months apart, beginning as early as age 2.

See: acute meningococcal meningitis
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Patients who are immunocompromised should also be given meningococcal vaccines in line with the normal schedule.
suggests that conjugate meningococcal vaccines provide significant benefits over traditional vaccines.
From December through June, however, meningococcal vaccine is still recommended for travel to countries in Africa's meningitis belt.
GSK and Novartis overlap in the supply of Meningococcal vaccines in Australia and over the counter products including smoking cessation and pain management products.
Quadruple meningococcal vaccine is mandatory and the flu vaccine is highly recommended for everyone undertaking the pilgrimage.
Meningococcal vaccine strategy director, Jane O'Hallohan, has described the disease as "the worst nightmare for many tertiary institutions because it mainly affects those under 20.
com announces "Global Meningococcal Vaccine Industry Report 2015" to its research database.
Vaccines include Quadruple Meningococcal vaccine to protect people against meningitis, Seasonal Influenza and Pneumococcal.
Vaccine Yypes diphtheria (30 IU), Tetanus, Polio, Pertussis acellular, Haemophilus influenzab, Hepatitis BLot 5: pneumococcal vaccinetype of vaccine - PneumococcalLot 6: Meningococcal vaccine against type CType of vaccine - Meningitis CLot 7: vaccine against seasonal flueach lot will result in the award of a separate contract.
Recommendations on the meningococcal vaccine clarify which patients need either one or two doses as well as who should receive the meningococcal conjugate (MenACWY-D) and who should have the meningococcal polysaccharide (Men-ACWY-CRM) quadrivalent vaccines.
ae) that the Meningococcal Vaccine is mandatory for all Haj travellers.