mendelian trait

men·de·li·an trait

a categoric trait that segregates in accordance with a single-locus genetic system.
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Mendelian trait

Any trait that can be passed to progeny which follows mendelian laws.
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Bcg is inherited as a simple autosomal dominant Mendelian trait in crosses between classical strains of laboratory mice; it was localized to mouse chromosome 1 by linkage analysis (34).
[1-4] HCM is transmitted as a Mendelian trait with an autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance.
However, our synthesis also suggests that selection and gene flow may not have been the only processes contributing to differentiation between island and mainland populations: if reduction in color pattern is a recessive Mendelian trait, then stochastic processes (random genetic drift, inbreeding, and founder events) during the initial stages of differentiation may have been necessary to achieve allele frequencies sufficient for selection to become effective.
Other examples of discrete Mendelian traits in humans would be hairy pinna (earlobes) or widow's peak (hairline).
This special issue of the Journal of Ophthalmology highlights the range of clinical and genetic testing modalities both for common and rare disorders, as well as complex and Mendelian traits.
In this way, simple illustrations incorporate a considerable amount of information that provides the opportunity to determine genotype and phenotype probabilities for monogenic Mendelian traits without the need to draw Punnett square for every parental genotype combination.
The efficiency of these methods has been shown for identifying and mapping of controlling gene of Mendelian traits (Breseghello & Sorrells, 2006).
The plethora of genetic variations that have become available as a result of improved sequencing technologies, the inherent complexities of even what was thought to be simple Mendelian traits, the complex interplay between environment, family and population structure and genetics are all examples of the day to day challenges we encounter," he said.