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, menarchial (me-nar'kē-ăl),
Pertaining to the menarche.
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(men-ar'ke) [Gr. men, month, + arche, beginning]
The initial menstrual period, normally occurring between the 9th and 17th year. See: adrenarche; puberty
menarchalmenarchealmenarchial, adjective
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Anthropometry and menarcheal status of adolescent Nigerian urban senior secondary school girls.
This is in close agreement with menarcheal ages as reported by earlier studies conducted on adolescent girls.
Household environment and parents' level of education are also two crucial factors that determine menarcheal age.
(14,15) The observed relationship between menarcheal age and nutrition has been described in other studies.
Analysis by stepwise multiple linear regression showed that the girls that had the most pronounced stunting and thereafter the most accelerated catch-up growth were those who had the earliest menarcheal age (12).
Physical similarity of and disclosure of menarcheal status to friends: Effects of grade and pubertal status.
The antecedents of menarcheal age: Heredity, family environment, and stressful life events.
The research work discussed included: (1) cross-sectional data about menarcheal experience and about attitudes toward menstruation from early adolescent girls in grades six through nine; (2) cross-sectional data on menstrual attitudes from females and males ranging in age from 11 to 63 years; and (3) retrospective data from college-aged females about their preparation for menstruation.
Vicdan K et al[18] noted that the average menarcheal age was 13.28 [+ or -] 1.09 and menstrual cycles were between 20-35 days, 8.1% had pain during menstruation, 25.6% missed school.
Assessment of menarcheal age, namely, age at the initiation of menstruation, enables researchers, using a noninvasive approach, to investigate the association between developmental timing and future disease states (6).
Naumova et al., "Recall of early menstrual history and menarcheal body size: after 30 years, how well do women remember?" American Journal of Epidemiology, vol.
The study found that the mean menarcheal age of female students was 12.34 [+ or -] 1.35 years.