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, menarchial (me-nar'kē-ăl),
Pertaining to the menarche.


(men-ar'ke) [Gr. men, month, + arche, beginning]
The initial menstrual period, normally occurring between the 9th and 17th year. See: adrenarche; puberty
menarchalmenarchealmenarchial, adjective
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This is in close agreement with menarcheal ages as reported by earlier studies conducted on adolescent girls.
Household environment and parents' level of education are also two crucial factors that determine menarcheal age.
14,15) The observed relationship between menarcheal age and nutrition has been described in other studies.
Analysis by stepwise multiple linear regression showed that the girls that had the most pronounced stunting and thereafter the most accelerated catch-up growth were those who had the earliest menarcheal age (12).
The antecedents of menarcheal age: Heredity, family environment, and stressful life events.
To investigate the menarcheal age and it's relation with body mass index.
as she did at her menarcheal ceremony, the bride feeds people pork at her betrothal.
That's just a month younger than the menarcheal age of women born between 1950 and 1957.
The menarcheal age was noted as 13 years in 52% of the women and history of consanginous marriage was present in 20%.
Pubertal stages were assessed by clinical examination according to the methods of Marshall and Tanner, while the mean menarcheal age was calculated by using the status quo method.