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The FTC noted this unsubstantiated claim printed in a newspaper ad: "Memory Pill Helps the Brain Like Prescription Glasses Help the Eyes ...
"Just give me a pill," Schiller crooned at one point, during the chorus of a song called "Memory Pill" "Wash away my memories ..."
A recent newspaper ad was titled "Memory Pill Does for the Brain What Prescription Glasses Do for the Eyes." Would that that were true.
Although Costa-Mattioli's memory pill may be years away from approval by the U.S.
A GENE mutation in mice brains could help scientists develop the first memory pill.
A GENE mutation in the brains of mice could help scientists develop the first memory pill. Researchers found they could alter the long-term memory of mice by tampering with the gene.
SCIENTISTS believe a memory pill could one day restore old folks' ability to learn and recall things.
"In the future," Tsien says, "pharmaceutical companies may come up with a memory pill."
Well, then here's your saviour-a "memory pill" that combats memory loss and help exam revision.
RESEARCHERS hope to create a memory pill to treat the mind wasting condition Alzheimer's Disease.
Now bio-scientists are predicting that in 10 years they will have a memory pill to stop your brain fraying at the edges when you get older.
Foods high in zinc are pumpkin seeds, beef, and shrimp, but you can also find this mineral in some ( top memory pills available on the market.