memory loop

mem·o·ry loop

an electronic device for retrieving data that had been stored and/or displayed on the oscilloscope at an earlier time; used for reviewing electrical events immediately preceding a specific disturbance.
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The larger of the two has nine illuminated push buttons which activate the pod's set-on receiver, frequency memory loop and transmitter.
In Omaha Blues: A Memory Loop, he certainly buries the lede, but then, that's both the intention and the genius of the book, in which he writes, "History may be linear but memory, at least mine, isn't; it runs in loops." This particular am of memory will inevitably be compared to Katharine Graham's memoir, Personal History, because it is just as fine and because Lelyveld has left himself just as undefended.
He defended his diploma work in 1956, entitled "Magnetostrictive memory loop", being a part of the amplitude analyzer.
An ILR, roughly the size of a memory stick, continuously records a patient's ECG onto a memory loop of about 20 minutes.
KOR DRFMs can substantially enhance existing ECM system performance by replacing bulk delay lines, set-on VCOs, barrage noise generators, serrodyne modulators and frequency memory loops.