membranous pharyngitis

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mem·bra·nous phar·yn·gi·tis

inflammation accompanied by a fibrinous exudate, forming a nondiphtheritic false membrane.

membranous pharyngitis

Etymology: L, membrana + Gk, pharynx, throat
a diphtheric inflammation of the pharynx with the formation of a false membrane in the throat.

membranous pharyngitis

A nonspecific term for any pharyngitis characterised by inflammation and pseudomembrane formation, which occurs in:
(1) Acute necrotising ulcerative gingivitis, see there;
(2) Acute ulceromembranous pharyngitis; 
(3) Diphtheria, see there.

mem·bra·nous pha·ryn·gi·tis

(membrăn-ŭs far-in-jītis)
Inflammation accompanied by a fibrinous exudate, which forms a nondiphtheritic false membrane.
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