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amniotic sac

An amniotic fluid-filled, thin membranous sac, which surrounds the embryo of amniote vertebrates; it provides a fluid cushion, prevents dehydration and acts as a waste receptacle during embryonic development.


Obstetrics A popular term for the amniotic sac, see there.

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Q. HYALINE MEMBRANE DISEASE in pre-mature infants;what are the causes of it in pregnant women?

A. the cause of Hyaline Membrane disease is pre-mature birth. while the fetus develop, about in the 29th week a substance called surfactant is created in the lungs. this substance's function is to change the surface tension of the fluid in the lungs- therefore decreasing it's force. the surface tension tends to shrink the lungs and can cause the lungs to collapse. so a premature baby wouldn't be able to breath properly.

Q. For those that had an epimacular membrane removed, how long was it before your eye healed? How was your vision afterwards? Do you now require or benefit from glasses?

A. Epimacular membrane removal can be associated with a variety of ocular conditions and therefore the healing process varies tremendously depending on the underlying pathology. Furthermore, this condition may recur.

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While most of them commenced patching the tears of the membrane, half a dozen of them started off for the nearest road in search of a gas main, and presently found themselves prisoners in the hands of a hostile crowd.
Another few minutes would have done for me, I am sure, but the warmth of the interior helped to revive me, aided and abetted by some brandy which Bradley poured down my throat, from which it nearly removed the membrane.
His eyes were half-filmed over by a growth of morbid membrane, and what was not yet covered shone red and irritated.
In South America, a burrowing rodent, the tuco-tuco, or Ctenomys, is even more subterranean in its habits than the mole; and I was assured by a Spaniard, who had often caught them, that they were frequently blind; one which I kept alive was certainly in this condition, the cause, as appeared on dissection, having been inflammation of the nictitating membrane.
On each side of the lower surface, or foot, there is a broad membrane, which appears sometimes to act as a ventilator, in causing a current of water to flow over the dorsal branchiae or lungs.
In proportion to the vigor of the individual these revolutions are frequent, until in some happier mind they are incessant and all worldly relations hang very loosely about him, becoming as it were a transparent fluid membrane through which the living form is seen, and not, as in most men, an indurated heterogeneous fabric of many dates and of no settled character, in which the man is imprisoned.
His head ached, his eyes were wet, his mucous membrane, he informed her, was in a most unsatisfactory condition.
com/research/h4gshw/india_membranes) has announced the addition of the "India Membranes Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2020" report to their offering.
Quite relevantly, the talk about biofuels mandates mentioning industrial membranes which had been proven to be very crucial in the field of chemical process industry.
Among the scopes of the conference, mention can be made of membrane for fuel cell and energy applications, membrane for gas and vapor separation, membrane in petroleum industries, membrane for water and wastewater treatment, membrane for bio-refinery applications, bio-membranes, nano-membranes, membrane bioreactors, advanced materials for membrane fabrication, membrane contactors and multifunctional reactors, membranes characterization and modification, membranes for food and bio-product applications and membrane for pharmaceutical and medicine applications.
Poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) is a polymeric material for fabricating microfiltration (MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) membranes due to its excellent chemical and thermal tolerance, well-controlled porosity, as well as good mechanical property [1, 2].
com)-- The Chinese membranes market is one of the major membrane markets across the globe.

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