membrane filter

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1. a device for eliminating or separating certain elements, as (a) particles of certain size from a solution, or (b) rays of certain wavelength from a stream of radiant energy.
2. to cause such separation or elimination.
membrane filter a filter made up of a thin film of collodion, cellulose acetate, or other material, available in a wide range of defined pore sizes, the smaller ones being capable of retaining all the known viruses.
Millipore filter trademark for a device used to filter nutrient solutions as they are administered intravenously.
vena cava filter (vena caval filter) a filter used in the inferior vena cava to prevent pulmonary embolism.
Wood's filter a nickel-oxide filter that holds back all but a few violet rays and passes ultraviolet rays of about 365 nm; see also Wood's light.

membrane filter

A filter made from biologically inert cellulose esters, polyethylene, or other porous materials.
See also: filter
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The classic equipment setup for performing membrane filtration comprises a vacuum pump, a multi-branch vacuum manifold, membrane filters, reusable funnel-type filter holders or single-use filtration units, culture media and tweezers.
Membrane filter discs with a 47 mm diameter are typically used.
The filter material can retain exceptionally high concentrations of very fine particles and colloids, thereby providing maximum protection for downstream membrane filter cartridges.
For the food and beverage industry, new filter cartridges include the BECO MEMBRAN PS Pure, Wine, Beer and Aqua membrane filter cartridges and BECO PROTECT PP Pure and extended BECO PROTECT FS FineStream depth filter cartridge range.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Whatman Make Membrane Filter Paper For Netra, Greater Noida
The four efficiencies of Donaldson Membrane's Tetratex[R] Microporous ePTFE membrane filter media: Tetratex Release, Tetratex, Tetratex High Efficiency and Tetratex Ultra High Efficiency, are explained, with case studies illustrating how these high performance laminates supply superior dust cake release, low pressure drop, higher air flow, and high efficiency.
6 l ended membrane filter made of a polyethersulfone having a pore size in the range of 0.
5 is designed with an outer layer of glass fiber and an inner layer of hydrophilic PVDF membrane, which combines the flow rates and high dirt-holding capacity of a glass medium with the precise particle retention of a membrane filter.
The AirPort MD8 utilizes the Gelatin Membrane Filter Method, an easy detection method, which produces highly accurate and reliable results when retaining organisms such as Bacillus subtilis niger at levels as high as 99.

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