membrane enzyme

mem·brane en·zyme

an enzyme present or embedded in a biomembrane.
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It is a small, integral membrane enzyme that coordinates a particularly complex reaction: its lipid substrate is hydrophobic (repelled by water) and resides in cell membranes, while its co-substrate, ATP, is entirely water soluble.
KEY WORDS: AY2-microglobulin Ligustrazine Neonatal scleredema Renal brush border membrane enzyme Renal injury.
The enzymes that bound to the brush border of microvillous membrane including alkaline phosphatase (ALP) leucineaminopeptidase (LAP) -glutamyltransferase (-GT) are collectively called renal brush boarder membrane enzyme (RBBME).
Objective: To evaluate renal brush border membrane enzymes in urine as an indicator for renal injury in neonatal scleredema(NS).
Urine samples were collected to detect renal brush border membrane enzymes (RBBME) by ELISA and AY2-microglobulin (AY -MG) by radioimmunoassay (RIA).
12 A study involving type-I diabetes mellitus patients looked for the toxic effects of reactive aldehydes MG and glyoxal in young, complication-free type-I patients by assessing activity of the ubiquitous membrane enzyme, Na+/K+ ATPase.
This results in alterations of cellular permeability and activity of various membrane enzymes.
He used the transport of glucose and amino acids, and renal brush border membrane enzymes as sensitive biochemical markers of renal damage to assess the protective effect of immunization with pili.
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