Melting Pot

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A popular term for a region where multiple ethnic groups intermingle culturally, and often intermarry, resulting in increased genetic diversity
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The Melting Pot has developed templates to help franchisees with the transfer process.
What's more, the contest aspect of the program enabled The Melting Pot to collect consumer emails for future digital marketing efforts.
There is nothing like The Melting Pot in the Middle East and my team and I are excited to bring this unique fondue dining experience to the region," said HCS co-managing partner Ziad Kaddoura.
Modeled after theories of ethnicity that have always struggled unsuccessfully to explain the lasting significance of race, Reinventing the Melting Pot rejects what it repeatedly refers to negatively as "multiculturalism," in which, in Gregory Rodriguez's words, "Race became the prism through which all social issues were perceived" (130).
I wonder if this reading of A View never surfaced in the past because ethnic identity was a subject distasteful to the liberal scholarly community and militated particularly against the American myth of the melting pot.
It features the Melting Pot Panel to create multiline formulas to compute incoming/outgoing data as well as complete assess to MATLAB Script functionality for numerical computation, scientific graphics, and signal processing.
It's a melting pot of music, between Suffix County and NYC where bands are artists are evolving.
In a counterintuitive yet compelling way, the richness and frenzy of our "umbrage market" may well be the leading indicator that we're more of a melting pot than ever.
citizen, insists: "The famous and stereotypical idea of the melting pot is a myth.
What term best describes your school or district: melting pot or mosaic--and what is the difference?
This month's cover story ("Stirring the Melting Pot," page 28) examines the challenges and opportunities that insurers face in selling products and establishing their brands in a land that is growing more culturally diverse.
The study also reveals that older suburban areas may be replacing inner cities as the melting pot of American society.