Melting Pot

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A popular term for a region where multiple ethnic groups intermingle culturally, and often intermarry, resulting in increased genetic diversity
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The Melting Pot wanted to offer specialty non-alcoholic beverages that echo the feel and idea of the Best in Glass platform.
The Melting Pot has developed templates to help franchisees with the transfer process.
President of The Melting Pot Restaurants, Inc Mike Lester commented: "We look forward to continuing our expansion with our franchise partners in the Middle East, which recently kicked off with the opening our first location within the region in Dubai in August 2015."
As per the agreement, HCS will be opening 12 Melting Pot outlets in the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt over the next eight years.
We were treated to a veritable melting pot of floor-filling tracks...
In answering this question, this book takes up a conversation begun by the Chicago School of Sociology in the early twentieth century and modified and continued by Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Nathan Glazer in their now-classic Beyond the Melting Pot [1970].
Rather than seeking inspiration from this melting pot of cultures, however, models for the development of tourism tend toward Eurocentric scenographic solutions.
When one of Heller's new friends, an illegal immigrant named Salim, is badly beaten by a brutal cop and then disappears from the hospital, Heller mobilizes his friends to search for Salim, confronting the melting pot of Manhattan in the melting heat.
Kaiser may think that the syncretist "theology" of some Indian or Sri Lankan Jesuit theologians merging the "best" of the world's religions into a melting pot has a great future; no one of importance in the Catholic Church I know agrees with him.
In contrast to America, which has generally embraced the ideal of a melting pot that at the same time allows for ethnic, racial, and religious differences, much of France has yet to accept the nation's increasingly multiethnic makeup.
Less lucky was the steam loco, ex-LMS 'Crab' class No 42936, soon to follow the trackwork and water tower into the melting pot Picture: MEDLEY & BIRD, DAILY POST ARCHIVE
Some students thought the face was "too Caucasian," and did not reflect the multicultural, mixed-race melting pot that America represented.