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melilotus (me·li·lōˑ·shs),

n Latin name:
Melilotus officinalis L.; parts used: leaves (dried), flowers (dried); uses: antiedema, antiinflammatory, antitumor, immunomodulator, emollient, digestive aid, flatulence, diarrhea, general pains, lymphoedema, cancer, arthritis; precautions: patients with liver disorders or on blood thinners; can cause possible hepatotoxicity. Also called
melilot, Meliloti herba, and
sweet clover. See also coumarin.


a genus of the legume family Fabaceae; plants contain coumarol, converted by fungal infestation of the hay to toxin dicoumarol, which causes greatly prolonged clotting time, spontaneous hemorrhage and often fatal anemia. Includes M. alba (white sweet clover, Bokhara clover), M. altissima (tall melilot), M. indica (Hexham scent, King Island melilot), M. officinalis (yellow sweet clover).
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Based on studies comparing the thermoresistance of seeds in hot water or hot, moist soil, seeds of, for example, Melilotus sp.
Bioactive chemical constituents of a sterile endophytic fungus from Melilotus dentatus.
bicolor completely rejected flowers (fresh material) of Convolvulus arvensis and Melilotus alba.
ulochaeta (Poaceae) and other adventitious plants not or rarely reported before from Colombia, such as the species of genus of Asteraceae (Cirsium, Crepis, Senecio, Sylibum), Campanulaceae (Triodanis), Caryophyllaceae (Sagina, Stellaria); Fabaceae (Medicago, Melilotus, ricia) Iridaceae (Crocosmia, Gladiolus, Watsonia); Linaceae (Linum), Papaveraceae (Fumaria), Poaceae (Brachypodium, Briza, Polypogon, Vulpia); Polygonaceae (Persicaria, Polygonum), Scrophulariaceae (Nuttallanthus, Verbascum) y Urticaceae (Soleirolia).
Pitsak Trifolium amabile Ve'el tul Melilotus alba Matas Bidens bicolour Saju Zexmenia guatemalensis Cuadro 2 Plantas que las ovejas consumen en el monte durante la epoca de sequia.
The sweet clovers are a separate group belonging to the genus Melilotus, and the bush clovers are placed in the genus Lespedeza.
Moneywort, creeping-Jenny Mahonia bealei (Fortune) carriere Beale's Oregon-grape Melilotus officinalis (L.
La dicumarina presente en el heno de Melilotus alba provoca un sindrome hemorragipero basicamente hipoprotrombinemico que cursa con hemorragias en las partes mas variadas del cuerpo.
lovegrass Malva niceansis bull mallow Melilotus alba white sweetclover Sorghum halepense (plant) johnsongrass(plant)
Similar observations have been made for species hybrids in Antirrhinum (Mather 1947), Melilotus (Baenziger and Greenshields 1958), Lycopersicon (Rick 1963), Zea (Mangelsdorf 1958), and Phaseolus (Wall 1968).
The chemical composition of melilotus, particularly its pharmacological characteristics, has been extensively studied.
Centaurea Cousinia Carduus Senecio Trifolium Astragalus Vicia Melilotus