A disaccharide formed by the hydrolysis of raffinose by β-fructofuranosidase; also present in plant juices; consists of a galactosyl residue linked α 1,6 to a glucopyranose.
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Xac1, Xac02, Xac03, Xac04 and Xac05 were positive for rhaminose and sucrose utilization, while melibiose and amygdalin fermentation was negative.
The method entails topical application of a cosmetic composition that is comprised of melibiose or a salt thereof, and a cosmetically-acceptable carrier, vehicle or excipient.
The presence of adonitol sugars, arabinase, arabitol, cellobiose, fructose, galactose, glucose, inositol, lacttol, malttol, maltose, maltotriose, mannitol, mannose, melezitose, melibiose, rafnose, sorbitol, trehalose, turanose, xylitol, or xylose was not detected [AOAC/FQ-0093].
In fact, when melibiose, which is a disaccharide having an acid-labile 1,6-glycosidic bond, was treated with methanol in the presence of hydrogen chloride under Fischer's conditions, the product was a mixture of monosaccharide derivatives as a result of glycosidic bond cleavage.
Out of the 24 enzymes present in the STREPTOtest 24, those enzymes were selected for biotyping, whose occurrence among the tested strains was in the 15-85% quartile deviation, that is, inulin (40.56%), melibiose (83.22%), and tagatose (21.68%) (Table 2).
Other sugars include disaccharides such as maltose, sucrose, isomaltose, turanose, nigerose, melibiose, panose, maltotriose, and melezitose.
It was positive for glucose, sorbitol, rhamnose, L-arabinose, melibiose, lysine, ornithine, citrate, galactoside, and cellobiose tests and negative for sucrose, raffinose, inositol, adonitol, urea, hydrogen sulfide, indole, arginine, tryptophan deaminase, aesculin, acetoin, malonate, tartrate, acetamide, cetrimide, and Voges-Proskauer tests.
Positive melibiose and mannitol reactions are also indicative for S.
Sugar fermentations showed positive results for glucose, mannose, inositol, sorbitol, rhamnose, melibiose, arabinose, while they were negative for beta-galactosidase (ONPG), urease, tryptophan deaminase, indole production, acetoin production, and gelatin hydrolysis.
The assimilation profile showed utilization of lactose, D-glucuronate, D-gluconate, and melibiose, which indicates C.
CG, capsule gland; PG, prostate gland; RG, rectal gland; HBG, hypobranchial gland; SW, seawater; F, female; M, male; Biochemical test: ONPG, ortho-NitroPhenyl-[beta]-D-galactopyranoside; ADH, arginine dihydrolase; LDC, lysine decarboxylase; ODC, ornithine decarboxylase; CIT, citrate utilization; [H.sub.2]S, [H.sub.2]S production; URE, urease; TDA, tryptophan deaminase; IND, indole production; VP, acetoin production; GEL, gelatinase; GLU, glucose; MAN, mannitol; INO, inositol; SOR, sorbitol; RHA, rhamnose; SAC, saccharose; MEL, melibiose; AMY, amygdalin; ARA, arabinose.
Carbohydrates for hemagglutination inhibition studies (D-glucose, D-fructose, D-galactose, lactose, N-acetyl-D-galactosamine, N-acetyl-D-glucosamine, xylose, D-raffinose, melibiose, L-arabinose, D-mannose and D-fucose) and size-exclusion standards were obtained from Sigma-Aldrich.