melasma gravidarum

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melanosis with sharply demarcated blotchy, brown macules usually in a symmetric distribution over the cheeks and forehead and sometimes on the upper lip and neck. It is most often seen in women during pregnancy (melasma gravidarum or “mask of pregnancy”), at menopause, and while taking oral contraceptives; it occasionally occurs in women who are not pregnant or taking oral contraceptives, as well as in men. A similar pattern of facial hyperpigmentation may be associated with chronic liver disease. Called also chloasma.
melasma addiso´nii Addison's disease.
melasma gravida´rum melasma occurring during pregnancy.
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me·las·ma grav·i·da'r·um

chloasma occurring in pregnancy.
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An acquired hypermelanosis with “blotchy” coalescent hyperpigmented macules occuring in sun-exposed areas, especially of the face and neck, which is typically seen in pregnancy or with OC use; it is caused by oxidation of tyrosine to melanin and usually regresses with delivery. A similar mask may appear in men without abnormal hormone levels, and in patients treated with phenytoin.
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me·las·ma grav·i·darum

(mĕ-laz'mă grav'i-dā'rŭm)
Chloasma occurring in pregnancy.
Synonym(s): mask of pregnancy.
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