melamine resin

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mel·a·mine res·in

a plastic material mixed with plaster of Paris for casts. Such a cast is lighter and stronger than one made with plaster of Paris alone.
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It was composed of 100 percent of the strongest bleached fibers with 3 percent of melamine resin and 3 percent of titanium dioxide.
They can produce 6,000 t/y of phenol resin, 500 t/y of melamine resin and 800 t/y of urea resin.
The production process of Panolam thermally fused panels involves passing a solid color or printed decorative overlay paper through a bath of liquid melamine resin. The paper is thoroughly saturated in the resin then dried as it passes through multiple drying sections of an oven.
About every three weeks, approximately 40,000 pounds of melamine resin are trucked the company's headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Waunakee, WI, just outside of Madison.
New water-based line for polyurethanes, rubbers, composites molded with polyester, epoxy, vinyl ester, phenolic and melamine resin systems.
The melamine resin is fully cured at 300-400 psi and 300-400 degrees F during hot press lamination.
High-pressure laminates consist of multiple layers of kraft paper saturated with phenolic resin, a decorative layer of paper saturated with melamine resin, and a very thin top sheet of paper heavily saturated with melamine resin.