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 (MHz) [meg´ah-hertz]
one million (106) hertz.

meg·a·hertz (MHz),

One million hertz.

megahertz (MHz)

Etymology: Gk, megas, large, hertz, a number of cycles per second
a unit of frequency equal to a million cycles per second. Also called megacycle. See also hertz.


A unit of frequency equal to 106 Hz/second.


(MHz) (meg'ă-hĕrts)
One million hertz (Hz).


one million (106) hertz; abbreviated MHz.
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notable winners: Golden Apples (Del Mar Oaks-Gr1), Kyllachy (Gr2), Low Pivot (Gr3), Silvester Lady (Preis der Diana-Gr1), Captain Rio (Gr2), Megahertz (Gr2), Stolzing (Gr3).
The ministry is also trying to clear spectrum in the 1700-2000 megahertz range, now used by the defence ministry.
5 megahertz la que esta en litigio juridico con MVS, esta es una de las bandas mas importantes para Internet inalambrico.
1 lb wireless Internet capability, a low-volt, Intel Pentium III processor that operates at 866 megahertz, and a 40-gigabyte hard drive.
One can also make a good case that battery drain has less to do with CPU voltage and megahertz and more to do with 15-inch LCD panels, huge hard drives, gobs of memory, and poorly designed applications.
MHz means megahertz, or 1 million hertz, and GHz means gigahertz, or 1 billion hertz.
joined the ranks of PC vendors offering the latest in Pentium Technology for the retail channel, introducing at WCES new multimedia desktop machines with 150 megahertz and 160 megahertz processors.
To improve transdermal delivery, many investigators have tried using ultrasound with frequencies ranging from 1 to 3 megahertz to safely open channels through skin.
The most common personal computers of today are running at speeds of 33 megahertz, but humans cannot type as fast as four megahertz, he explains.
In technical terms, "old" PC's (5 years ago) operated around 8 to 12 megahertz.
5- to 100-million application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) gates in a compact, rack-mountable unit, it emulates designs with a speed of 20 megahertz (MHz) at the transaction level and in in-circuit emulation (ICE) or synthesizable testbench (STB) mode.
To develop on its strong position in the Middle East, Megahertz, a top systems integrator and mobile broadcast production expert, is attending CABSAT 2015 (hall 3, stand B3-40, Dubai World Trade Centre, 10 12 March).