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 (MHz) [meg´ah-hertz]
one million (106) hertz.
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meg·a·hertz (MHz),

One million hertz.
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A unit of frequency equal to 106 Hz/second.
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(MHz) (meg'ă-hĕrts)
One million hertz (Hz).
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10 Megahertz of Energy is available from and also on her face book page, newrelease.musicandbooks.
The ministry is also trying to clear spectrum in the 1700-2000 megahertz range, now used by the defence ministry.
"Any other operator would enjoy having 8,12, or even 17 megahertz for frequency.
Carter says two companies already sell equipment that has basically taken mobile Wi-Max--a beefed up Wi-Fi--and shifted it down to 700 megahertz.
The Federal Communications Commission has completed its auction for a big swath of electromagnetic spectrum in the 700 megahertz frequency range that was recently reclaimed from television broadcasters.
Heavenly Ray also produced a filly by the stud's flagship stallion, foaling a sister to the multiple Grade 1 heroine Megahertz on April 23.
JetBlue subsidiary LiveTV LLC made a bid of USD7m for a 1 megahertz wireless licence.
The computer has no hard drive, it runs at a sluggish 500 megahertz, and CNN reports that the crank must be turned for an arms-training 10 minutes to access the Internet for a half-hour.