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 (MHz) [meg´ah-hertz]
one million (106) hertz.

meg·a·hertz (MHz),

One million hertz.

megahertz (MHz)

Etymology: Gk, megas, large, hertz, a number of cycles per second
a unit of frequency equal to a million cycles per second. Also called megacycle. See also hertz.


A unit of frequency equal to 106 Hz/second.


(MHz) (meg'ă-hĕrts)
One million hertz (Hz).


one million (106) hertz; abbreviated MHz.
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The product features an ultra-low-voltage mobile Pentium III processor that operates at 933 megahertz, a 20-gigabyte hard drive, and a bevy of pro-installed software packages, including Corel Grafigo, FranklinCovey TabletPlanner, Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5.
We identified that sports and mobile applications were important markets and with Megahertz s rich heritage in those arenas we are looking to further accelerate our growth internationally.
Heaven Sent is by Cheveley Park's flagship sire Pivotal, making her a full-sister to Megahertz and giving her phenomenal breeding value, which was boosted by Monday's win.
Megahertz, which has 62 staff and sales of pounds 13 million, produces a range of TV and broadcasting hardware used to equip studios and outside broadcast vehicles.
All Megahertz PCMCIA modems are sold with a five-year warranty and free technical support.
The winner of 14 of 34 races, all but one at stakes level and ten of them Graded stakes, Megahertz would seem well suited to Giant's Causeway, nicknamed the Iron Horse for his tenacity during his own racing career.
At the time Megahertz weighed about 700 pounds soaking wet, the way Solis sized her up.
The new chips will run at speeds from 750 megahertz to one gigahertz and will integrate a special cache so that the memory subsystem can run at the full speed of the processor.
1 megahertz at Uranus, compared with greater than 1 megahertz at Neptune.
Only One-Third as Large as Standard Modules, but Can Carry Frequencies of 30 Megahertz
For David and Patricia Thompson's Cheveley Park Stud, the big fish would probably be Megahertz, a daughter of its resident stallion Pivotal, who won her 11th race, the Grade 2 Santa Ana Handicap, at Santa Anita on Sunday.
Dublino, a 4-year-old filly with three victories in seven starts, was favored to win the Gamely Handicap last time out but lost a shoe during the race and finished second, a length behind Tates Creek and one-half length ahead of Megahertz.