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An exceptionally large dose, as of a drug or vitamin.


a dose that greatly exceeds the amount usually prescribed or recommended.


A very large or maximum dose beyond the known therapeutic range.


A very large dose of a vitamin, taken by some people as a form of self-medication.
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The increasing consumption of biotin megadoses have heightened the risk of laboratories reporting erroneous results that could lead to misdiagnosis.
While biotin interference in immunoassays has been known for years, it was a rare problem until biotin megadoses recently became commonplace.
Conjoint use of laetrile and megadoses of ascorbic acid in cancer treatment: possible side effects.
Small daily doses may be more physiological than infrequent megadoses.
Some studies conducted by Burk and asconez (7) have shown the use of up to 10 mg of epinephrine at concentrations of 1:1,000,000 in healthy patients, with no deleterious effects from toxicity such as tachycardia and hypertension, although these megadoses may lead to fatal consequences in patients with underlying cardiac disease in whom no workup has been done.
Claims have been made on the internet by alternative therapy practitioners about EVD, its causes and cures, including the promotion of homeopathy, herbalism, megadoses of vitamin C and essential oils.
My doctor from home, Melfred Hernandez, also said to supplement with megadoses of Vitamin C to fight off whatever my body was threatening to catch.
First of all, trying to get antioxidants by taking megadoses (two or more times the daily value) of vitamins C, A, E or beta carotene generally is ineffective or harmful.
These dietary supplement regulations have facilitated their availability not only to the population at large and noncompeting amateurs, but especially to professional athletes in whom their use, often in megadoses, is widespread.
However, prospective moms and pregnant women should think carefully before taking megadoses of folic acid.
C'est dans le but d'en connaEtre plus sur l'utilisation de la vitamine C contre le cancer que la Societe algerienne de nutrition et de medecine orthomoleculaire, SANMO, presidee par le Dr Lyess Baghli, a invite, hier, au forum du quotidien DK News, le professeur Thomas Edward Levy, du Mississipi, cardiologue, pionnier dans la therapie du cancer a base de megadoses de vitamine C, ecrivain et chercheur sur la molecule de la vitamine C.
There is substantial research on this, largely in Europe, but also performed at Johns Hopkins University more than 20 years ago; many patients benefited profoundly from megadoses of intravenous antivirals and were able to return to their normal lives with no residual effects and no need for ongoing psychiatric treatment, until the next viral flare.