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 (MHz) [meg´ah-hertz]
one million (106) hertz.
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meg·a·hertz (MHz),

One million hertz.
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A unit of frequency equal to 106 Hz/second.
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(MHz) (meg'ă-hĕrts)
One million hertz (Hz).
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Mega Hertz has now joined the ViP-TV Reseller Programme and as a reseller, will market EchoStar's ViP-TV transport solution to cable systems and telcos.
Talking to reporters here on Monday, Sibal said: "The EGoM met this morning and took some vital decisions, the first was that the auction for the 1800 Mega Hertz band in four circles in which bids were not received in November 2012 will be put up for auction, the reserve price will be 30 percent lower than the reserve price that was fixed at that time."
Trai has recommended fixing the price for 6.2 mega hertz (Mhz) of pan-India start-up 2G spectrum at `10,972.45 crore, more than six times the present cost of `1,658 crore.
Lucknow, Aug.20 ( ANI ): Engineers of the Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) on Monday successfully averted state-wide collapse of electricity as mega hertz frequency dipped similar to last month's grid failure.
Trai, which has already submitted its recommendations on the 2G spectrum pricing issue, is meeting stakeholders for consultations on finding the per mega hertz price of spectrum.
The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) recommended in May that mobile carriers pay a one-time fee for holding 2G radio-spectrum beyond 6.2 mega hertz based on 3G prices.