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Regional drug slang for an inhalant.
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(pl. medusas, medusae) the jellyfish (medusoid) stage of the COELENTERATE life cycle, usually free-swimming and propelled by pulsations of the bell. Medusae usually reproduce sexually, giving rise to a POLYP stage from which the medusae are produced asexually Medusae form the dominant phase of the life history of members of the class Scyphozoa, but are often absent or of lesser importance in other classes of the phylum.
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in Greek mythology, a Gorgon who turned men to stone.
caput Medusae - (1) varicose veins radiating from the umbilicus; - (2) dilated ciliary arteries girdling the corneoscleral limbus in rubeosis iridis. Synonym(s): head of Medusa
head of Medusa - Synonym(s): caput Medusae
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While critic Gillian Alban has approached the gaze of Medusa in A Severed Head (1961), I will expand this into a greater understanding of the objectification and gender relationships in her early novels; how the Medusian gaze interacts with the male gaze inviting the reader to look with a more scathing eye at the narrator.
En 2005 se realizaron muestreos mensuales, recolectando 20 medusas por mes, las cuales fueron pesadas y medidas (diametro de campana y largo de la medusa).
Small submarines will be used to carry Medusas to the bottom of the ocean research sites to gather scientific data.
Small submarines will carry Medusas to research sites to gather scientific data.
Yet despite their fun-house horrors of freakish hermaphrodites, postmenopausal Medusas, and decapitated Herculeses, these peep show pictures never stay put as clever carnal cartoons, or even as allegories of alienation.