medullary groove

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a narrow, linear hollow or depression.
branchial groove pharyngeal groove.
Harrison's groove a horizontal groove along the lower border of the thorax corresponding to the costal insertion of the diaphragm; seen in advanced rickets in childhood.
medullary groove (neural groove) that formed by the beginning invagination of the neural plate of the embryo to form the neural tube.
pharyngeal groove a groove between a pair of pharyngeal arches in a mammalian embryo, homologous to the branchial cleft of a fish, formed by rupture of the membrane separating a corresponding entodermal pouch and ectodermal groove.
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neu·ral groove

the gutterlike groove formed in the midline of the embryo's dorsal surface by the progressive elevation of the lateral margins of the neural plate; the ultimate dorsal fusion of the margins results in the formation of the neural tube.
Synonym(s): medullary groove
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