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Several reports have confirmed the diagnostic value of EBUS TBNA for the biopsy of meditational lymph nodes in patients with suspected sarcoidosis9-10 as an example one study of 258 patients with suspected cases found that the diagnostic yield increased from 66 to 78 when TBNA was Added to transbronchial biopsy11.
The first problem area is in religious practices, including lifestyle customs, instructional opportunities, meditational forms, and institutional structures.
Service climates as a meditational variable would explain apparently contradictory results.
They were not interested in a cold, clinical meditational treatment.
And, for the circulation, each person needs to "descend the fire" and "ascend the essence and the qi" in the body through meditational breathing.
In mediational behaviorism, unobservable meditational variables are allowed to bridge the gap between environment and response.
Meditational Requirements from Treatment Group to Potential Mediators (Path A)
A meditational model of the impact of marital conflict on adolescent adjustment in intact and divorced families: The role of disrupted parenting.
The tripartite influence model of body image and eating disturbance: a covariance structure modeling investigation testing the meditational role of appearance comparison.
This entails purifying your body, speech and mind through meditation on the mandala and mantra of a meditational deity (yi-d'am, istadevata) in accordance with the instructions of a fully qualified Tantric Master.
Seeking to re-contextualize this configuration within monastic meditational practices, this book argues that the ornamented archivolts were likely composed following medieval prescriptions for the rhetorical ornamentation of poetry and employed the techniques of mnemonic recollection and imaginative visualization.