cystic medial necrosis

(redirected from medionecrosis of the aorta)

cys·tic me·di·al ne·cro·sis

loss of elastic and muscle fibers in the aortic media, with accumulation of mucopolysaccharide, sometimes in cystlike spaces between the fibers; a disease of unknown cause, which may be inherited and predisposes to dissecting aneurysms.
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Jakob, Austrian physician, 1874-1937.
Erdheim disease - a disease of unknown cause that may be inherited and that predisposes to dissecting aneurysms. Synonym(s): cystic medial necrosis
Erdheim syndrome - acromegaly causing cervical stiffening and often associated with clavicular hypertrophy. Synonym(s): Scaglietti-Dagnini syndrome
Erdheim tumor - a suprasellar neoplasm, usually cystic, that develops from the nests of epithelium derived from Rathke pouch. Synonym(s): craniopharyngioma
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