medicine makers

medicine makers, in herbalism, those who process medicinally beneficial plants for therapeutic purposes and prescribe safe dosages for human use. In certain healing traditions, it is considered a spiritual honor and responsibility to hold such a position.
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The list was drawn up by four anonymous medicine makers from nominations made by the publication's 80,000 readers worldwide.
Professor Julian Morris joins Nobel Prize winning scientists and leaders of global corporations on the 2015 Medicine Maker Power List.
Another popular toothpaste brand is made by Yunnan Baiyao Group, which uses its history as one of the biggest and oldest traditional Chinese medicine makers in the country as a selling point.
The appliances that are found in Chinese kitchens, she added, include soybean milk makers, Chinese medicine makers and disinfecting cabinets, where the Chinese place their dishes after hand-washing them.
Green s Herbal Medicine Makers Handbook, Botanica Erotica by Diana DeLuca, and Love Potions by Jones and Jones.
The goal of the OTC medicine makers in supporting this campaign is to make parents more aware and encourage them to talk to their kids so we can put a stop to this abuse and prevent it from continuing.
1 billion of this amount from pharmaceutical and medicine makers.
ARSENAL went to Germany's city of medicine makers and found a cure for their European travel sickness.
The Proprietary Association of Great Britain, which represents commerical medicine makers, insisted cough products were "both safe and effective".