medicine dropper

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medicine dropper

According to USP XXII, a tube made of glass or other suitable transparent material that generally is fitted with a collapsible bulb and, while varying in capacity, is constricted at the delivery end to a round opening having an external diameter of 3 mm. When held vertically, it delivers water in drops each weighing between 45 mg and 55 mg.

In using a medicine dropper, one should keep in mind that few medicinal liquids have the same surface and flow characteristics as water, and therefore the size of drops may vary considerably from one preparation to another.

When accurate dosing is important, one should use a dropper that has been calibrated for and supplied with the preparation. The volume error incurred in measuring any liquid by means of a calibrated dropper should not exceed 15% under normal use conditions.

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Each collection again consisted of the combined contents of ten swipes, in haphazardly selected areas, and using the same 5-ml medicine dropper.
The faunal groups collected at site 2 with the medicine dropper on the unvegetated sediment surface adjacent to the mat and on the surface of the U.
The match heads must be porous, containing tiny pockets of air like the medicine dropper.
The medical and pharmaceutical control committee in Aktobe region has started checks after the deadly incident when 3 women died after the treatment with the medicine droppers.
Another victim of the medicine droppers, woman 63, spent several days in intensive care unitof the local hospital and is now translated into therapy unit.