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having healing qualities; pertaining to a medicine.
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1. Relating to medicine having curative properties. Synonym(s): medical (2)
2. Synonym(s): medical (1)
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Of, relating to, or having the properties of medicine.
A preparation or product having the properties of a medicine.

me·dic′i·nal·ly adv.
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1. Relating to medicine having curative properties.
Synonym(s): medical (2) .
2. Synonym(s): medical (1) .
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1. Relating to medicine having curative properties.
2. Synonym(s): medical.
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Patient discussion about medicinal

Q. How effective are the traditional medicines?

A. I agree, chinese medicine is more about preventing- having the person totaly healthy at all times and not only curing the disease.

Q. Is there any Chinese medicine for cancer. Hi every one! I am a student of famous University. I heard about Chinese Medicine but I don’t have any idea. One of the incurable diseases is cancer. Is there any Chinese medicine for cancer?

A. hows it going DOC;I have seen and worked on patiants with lung cancer that had tried alternative meds(chines)and other natural remedies,and tried to cure them selves at home. when these patient come into the hospital they are almost in respiratory failure,because of the time they took with these unproven meds/IF alternative meds work for some people i am happy, but there needs to be more info on it for the general public, as you know all meds dont work for all people,the people that have been cured by chin meds should be monitered by both types of DR. during the treatment so that it can be proven.I will keep an open mind until this happens--peace--mrfoot56

Q. What are the most common Chinese Medicines that are most common in use?

A. i think that acupuncture is the most common of all the chines treatments in use. but i have no statistics to back it up. but as i understand - it's one of the most important tools of the Chinese medicine.

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Traditional Medicinals is now the largest certified organic tea company in the United States, the company says.
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Questions about corporate responsibility, sustainable harvesting and indigenous partnerships were the focus of the second annual Industrial Leadership for the Preservation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants symposium, held in Philadelphia last October.
Secataro is not the only member of the Elders' Circle who issued reprimands to the medicinal and aromatic plant industry.
Purchase a plant identification handbook like Peterson's Guide to Medicinal Plants and take a plant walk, or take a walk with one of the many herbalists or botanists in our area.
Check out their web site at and note the "at-risk" category of medicinal plants that can be home cultivated.
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In the U.S., estimates put the annual retail trade in medicinal herbs at $1.6 billion, but that trade is very poorly documented.
Of the six native North American medicinal plants listed in the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES), American ginseng is the only one harvested exclusively for medicinal trade, and so is easier to track.