medicinal treatment

medicinal treatment

therapy of disorders based chiefly on the use of appropriate pharmacological agents.

Patient discussion about medicinal treatment

Q. Is there an Alternative Medicine treatment for FIBROMYALGIA? My Mother was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia last year and is not responding well to conventional medical treatment. Is there an alternative treatment for it?


Q. when my brother was responding well with psychiatrist treatment, why he is changed to the medicines again? My brother is bipolar with manic depression. He was given Emsan to control on his bipolar depression. However due to side effects like excess muscle twitching his medicine was stopped. He was immediately sent to a psychiatric treatment. We found a good and a positive change in him. But his psychiatric treatment is stopped and now he is taking Nardil. When my brother was responding well with the psychiatrist treatment then why he is changed to the medicines again? I feel this is not the correct way.

A. Well Rohan… I can understand that you want your brother to be well as soon as possible. You must also understand that treatment for bipolar with the psychotherapy, is as important as the medicines. It is also a very important requirement for the complete treatment to proceed well. Though side effect of all medicines are known to all, so sometimes to reduce the side effect of a medicine it’s stopped and replaced with psychotherapy which also helps in the continuation of the treatment.

Q. Is there any treatment in Chinese medicine to remove body hair? I’m a 22 years-old girl, and I’m considering laser hair removal of the hair on my legs. Usually I prefer the natural way, so I wanted to ask if there’s any Chinese way to remove body hair. Is it better than laser?

A. i agree with Melissa- body hair is natural but sometimes it's growth is increased by an unbalanced hormonal state. and Chinese medicine can help on that case. so there is nothing wrong by checking this direction out .

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The Aztecs collected it as a food and a blood purifier, the Irish harvested it at low tide in the Atlantic, and it has featured as an important medicinal treatment in Chinese pharmacology.
Long before cannabis was legalized as a medicinal treatment in 29 states and the District of Columbia, the plant played an important role in American history.
1,2 Herbal medicinal treatment is popular in Pakistan and a large population especially in rural areas prefers the traditional pansari treatment because of no side effects, efficacy and economy.
The medicinal treatment of behavioral maladies, including attention deficit syndromes, often leads to appetite suppression.
A female dog was presented with bilateral prolapsed third eyelid gland condition and not responded to routine medicinal treatment.
Aromatherapy, which harnesses the olfactory power of plants, is considered by some to be the first medicinal treatment used by humans.
Over the years, hundreds of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) have emerged to investigate the value of various herbal treatments, vitamin therapies, magnet therapy, acupuncture, tai chi, aromatherapy, and other physical medicine and medicinal treatment modalities.
Seed should be given medicinal treatment in case of land undergoing first sowing of Moong to get good production.
As part of this survey on traditional medicinal treatment, we had previously conducted a survey on amulets containing Quranic verses and Arabic numbers arranged in special tabular form (Bhuiyan et al.
The Tigers Milk Mushroom is important in communities in Malaysia who use it as a medicinal treatment for various ailments as well as to produce a tonic to maintain health.
From our surveys, it became evident to us, that there exists a good body of practitioners (inclusive of Muslim Imams of mosques and Hindu priests of temples), who practiced other forms of medicinal treatment, including regular use of amulets, numerological charts and graphic designs, worships, and incantations, and which consisted of wearing, reciting, and even drinking religious texts written in water-soluble color which were soaked in water to dissolve the letters followed by drinking the water.
Valerian is a flowering plant whose roots have been used as a medicinal treatment for a variety of conditions--the most popular being insomnia--since ancient Greek and Roman times.