medicinal product

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medicinal product

A term which is defined by the UK’s Nursing and Midwifery Council Directive 65/65/EEC as: “Any substance or combination of substances presented for treating or preventing disease in human beings or in animals. Any substance or combination of substances which may be administered to human beings or animals with a view to making a medical diagnosis or to restoring, correcting or modifying physiological functions in human beings or animals is likewise considered a medicinal product.”

medicinal product,

n a substance administered to humans or animals through injection, application, oral ingestion, inhalation, and so forth, whose purpose is to ultimately restore health or eliminate disease in an individual.

Patient discussion about medicinal product

Q. is it ok to use drugs for medical reasons? and who is to decide when is necessary to use drugs when needed?

A. Today the most used "medical" drugs are narcotics- for pain relief, for patients who suffer extreme pain. All sorts of Codaine and Morphine types are used and on a very wide basis, and they are specially perscribed for ones who need them.

Q. How about Psychiatric Drugs for bipolar? One of my friend is suffering from bipolar. Will Psychiatric medications help him to come out of this affect?

A. from what i read- there are certain medication that can help. if the first one doesn't - there is a second and third line of medication. from a personal experience (not mine, a friend of the family) it can even save your friend's life..

Q. What medications are forbidden to take with alcohol? And why is that?

A. I think this web page will give you something to think about:
apparently there are more drugs you shouldn’t mix with alcohol then I could think of…

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Each medicinal product that is present in the Slovenian market must have valid marketing authorization and should have set a price.
The court acknowledges that the Italian law in question constitutes a restriction on freedom of establishment because, unlike a pharmacist operating a pharmacy, a pharmacist operating a para-pharmacy cannot sell this type of medicinal product and is "excluded from the economic benefits accruing from the market for prescription-only medicinal products".
A generic medicinal product is described in Directive 2001/83/EC (as amended by Directive 2004/27/EC) as
In each scenario below, would you consider the combination product a medical device, medicinal product or equally both?
Only a few months ago BioPartners received marketing authorization for the European Union for Valtropin, a further biosimilar medicinal product from BioPartners.
The exact ruling of the ECJ is: "In the case where an application for a marketing authorisation for a medicinal product is submitted with reference to a medicinal product that has already been authorised, the medicinal product which is the subject of the application is imported from a Member State in which it has obtained a marketing authorisation, the assessment of safety and efficacy carried out for the medicinal product which is already authorised can be used in the application for a marketing authorisation for the second medicinal product without any risk to public health .
Contract award notice: Invitation to tender for the finished medicinal product with the active substance duloxetine.
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