medication prescribing


making a prescription.
medication prescribing in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as prescribing medication for a health problem.
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Potentially inappropriate medication prescribing in outpatient practices: prevalence and patient characteristics based on electronic health records.
Many states have instituted policies to gain greater oversight of pediatric psychotropic medication prescribing. To characterize nationwide practice, Dr.
MARKHAM, Ontario -- Speaking at the recent Canadian Association of Chain Drug Stores annual conference here, Barbara Wells, newly appointed first director of the Canadian Optimal Medication Prescribing and Utilization Service (COMPUS), described the structure and mission of the new organization.
Wells said the organization expects to identify, evaluate and promote best practices in medication prescribing and use.
Medication prescribing and administration patterns in nursing homes are relatively unaffected by medical practitioner, or by resident age or gender.
RxHub LLC has added HEALTHvision as a partner to accelerate physician adoption of technology to streamline medication prescribing. HEALTHvision is a health care Internet company that focuses on physicians and patients through web-based programs.
IScribe, MDanywhere, RxMade-Simple and Script-Fast have agreed to integrate RxHub's medication prescribing technology and specifications into their systems to provide doctors with easy access to relevant clinical patient information and electronic prescribing capability at the point of care.
At the USP meeting several children s health initiatives were discussed, including the development of standards for pediatric medication prescribing.

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