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tr.v. medica·lized, medica·lizing, medica·lizes
To identify or categorize (a condition or behavior) as being a disorder requiring medical treatment or intervention: "Increasingly, [attention deficit disorder] has become a catch-all diagnosis that medicalizes troublesome behavior in kids" (Judy Foreman).

med′i·ca·li·za′tion (-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Q. is it ok to use drugs for medical reasons? and who is to decide when is necessary to use drugs when needed?

A. Today the most used "medical" drugs are narcotics- for pain relief, for patients who suffer extreme pain. All sorts of Codaine and Morphine types are used and on a very wide basis, and they are specially perscribed for ones who need them.

Q. How about Psychiatric Drugs for bipolar? One of my friend is suffering from bipolar. Will Psychiatric medications help him to come out of this affect?

A. from what i read- there are certain medication that can help. if the first one doesn't - there is a second and third line of medication. from a personal experience (not mine, a friend of the family) it can even save your friend's life..

Q. What medications are forbidden to take with alcohol? And why is that?

A. I think this web page will give you something to think about:
apparently there are more drugs you shouldn’t mix with alcohol then I could think of…

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As Conrad and Barker put it: "it seems that we have a social predilection toward treating human problems as individual or clinical--whether it is obesity, substance abuse, learning difficulties, aging, or alcoholism- rather than addressing the underlying causes for complex social problems and human suffering." (15)This does not mean that medicalising a situation rules out simultaneous action on its social and political determinants.
Dr Simon Chapman, who led the study at the University of Sydney, accused governments around the world of "medicalising" the task of stopping smoking.
Dr Dowler said: "We need to wait for the results of the review but I am very wary of medicalising children's well being which this could do.
com,Dr Fox said: ``We're in huge danger of medicalising aspects of human nature that have no place in the medical environment.
Summary: Instead of medicalising loneliness and calling it an epidemic, we need to find better ways of engaging with ourselves
The experts said that some diagnoses - for conditions like "oppositional defiant disorder" and "apathy syndrome" - risk devaluing the seriousness of mental illness and medicalising behaviours most people would consider normal or just mildly eccentric.
While the book may be criticised for medicalising public health --for example by referring to individuals as patients--I developed an understanding of how both a medical and social perspective together are required to tackle child public health.
Stop, he says, 'over medicalising' the problem and doling out sugar-coated pills and operations which are not only of dubious benefit and a temporary fix, but prevents the obese taking responsibility for themselves.
I'm not in favour of medicalising something we should take personal responsibility for but there could be a pill for men like your husband.
In an interview with website, Dr Fox said: "We're in huge danger of medicalising aspects of human nature that have no place in the medical environment.
It accompanied a series she presented for Radio 4 a few years ago called Medicalising Melancholy, which explored her belief in recapturing some of "the non-medical vocabulary for the gamut of human experience."
Washington, Oct 1(ANI): Drug companies are 'medicalising' sexual difficulty among women- such as low libido and discomfort- and have actually constructed a new condition known as female sexual dysfunction, in order to build global markets for new 'Viagra' like drugs for the ladies, says an expert.