medical treatment

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med·i·cal treat·ment

treatment of disease by hygienic and pharmacologic remedies, as distinguished from invasive surgical procedures.

med·i·cal treat·ment

(medi-kăl trētmĕnt)
Treatment of disease by hygienic and pharmacologic remedies rather than invasive surgical procedures.
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I have written to the leaders to either provide assistance for our medical treatment or grant me permission for mercy killing.
Speaking to DVB, Kyaw Zin, the chief of police in Muse Township, said: 'Hospitals currently provide medical treatment to everyone indiscriminately.
The gender gap in putting off care narrows with each increasing age bracket, but even among adults aged 65 and older, women are more likely to report holding off on receiving their own or another family member's medical treatment.
Their endeavor is to take care of the pain point of the discovery process so that users, patients , their friends and families can not only get indicative prices across geographies for their medical treatment but are also able to get comparative prices from hospitals within their local geography.
Earlier this year the community had its say on the Simplifying Medical Treatment Decision Making and Advance Care Planning position paper to help shape the implementation of the new laws.
More than 166,000 travellers claimed for medical treatment.
These major key players in the medical tourism market offer various medical services such as medical treatment for gastrointestinal diseases, In vitro fertilization, orthopaedics, kidney diseases, cancers, interventional cardiology, bio-compatible artificial joints, plastic surgery, pulmonology, joint replacement and many more.
The prime minister and the defence minister in their meeting agreed that the issue of Musharraf's travel abroad for medical treatment should be left for courts to decide, they added
Israel believes and acts as if it has no responsibility whatsoever towards sick Palestinian prisoners behind their bars, and that is immoral political blackmail as prisoners who can not afford the medical treatment will end up in extremely bad medical conditions," said the ministry.
He met with senior staff who confirmed that Mr Rajab is receiving medication on a regular basis, as well as medical treatment whenever he complains of any health problem.
Late in November, several thousand Mauritanian opposition supporters demonstrated in Nouakchott ahead of the return of President Abdel Aziz, who has been in France for medical treatment since he was shot in mid-October.

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