medical treatment

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med·i·cal treat·ment

treatment of disease by hygienic and pharmacologic remedies, as distinguished from invasive surgical procedures.

med·i·cal treat·ment

(medi-kăl trētmĕnt)
Treatment of disease by hygienic and pharmacologic remedies rather than invasive surgical procedures.
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ACH, an Illinois based corporation, currently contracts to provide medical treatment to 40 county or municipal jails in Missouri and 245 jails in 17 states.
Medical tourism is rapidly gaining popularity in Asian countries owing to features such as reasonable cost of medical treatments and surgery, advanced medical technology, hospitality services, medical professionals and expertise, qualified doctors and nurses, favourable currency exchange rate etc.
Haroon Rashid highlighted REDO services to facilitate patients who cannot afford medical treatment expenditures.
The prime minister and the defence minister in their meeting agreed that the issue of Musharraf's travel abroad for medical treatment should be left for courts to decide, they added
CAPMAS said in a statement released on Monday that the number of Egyptians receiving government-funded medical treatment outside the country, decreased from 46 in 2011 to 42 in 2012, representing an 8.
Israel believes and acts as if it has no responsibility whatsoever towards sick Palestinian prisoners behind their bars, and that is immoral political blackmail as prisoners who can not afford the medical treatment will end up in extremely bad medical conditions," said the ministry.
A decision on whether he needs medical treatment outside the centre will be taken based on the report.
The demonstrators marched several miles through the city to condemn the power vacuum Abdel Aziz left behind when he flew to Paris to receive medical treatment.
On the other hand, we would like to emphasize on the availability of medical treatment in case of refusal of surgical treatment, surgical contraindication and medically inoperable patients.
The organizations argue that Israel must allow every patient requiring medical treatment that is unavailable in Gaza access to treatment outside the Strip without delay.
PRINCETON, NJ -- While Gallup's annual Healthcare survey shows that a majority of Americans say they are satisfied with the amount they pay for healthcare, the survey also reveals that a substantial minority of respondents report postponing medical treatment for themselves or a member of their family in the past year because of cost.
They allow people to refuse medical treatment in advance, including life sustaining treatment.

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