medical training initiative

medical training initiative

An initiative facilitated by the UK’s General Medical Council and implemented through the Royal Colleges that provides short-term training opportunities for international (non-UK) medical graduates, who return to their home countries to implement training experience in the development of local health services.

Medical Training Initiative

A UK programme designed to allow overseas doctors to undertake up to two years of training and experience in the UK, help NHS employers with recruitment and foster exchange programmes with overseas health services and organisations.

The MTI operates under Tier 5 of the UK Border Agency points-based immigration system, and has the backing of the Medical Royal Colleges, English Postgraduate Medical Deaneries, NHS Employers, Skills for Health and the Department of Health. The MTI helps the NHS to increase medical workforce capacity to support patient care and to sustain European Working Time Directive implementation, as well as enhancing the UK’s reputation for high-quality medical training. Overseas doctors benefit from increasing their skills and experience, helping them to improve health services in their home countries when they return home after completing their MTI training.
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"In the short-term, some NHS vacancies can only be filled by ramping up international recruitment but attracting staff from overseas must be part of a wider plan for solving the workforce crisis - a plan that makes a commitment to increasing domestic training, recruitment and retention." A Department of Health and Social Care spokeswoman said the figures could include doctors given short-term development opportunities through the Government's Medical Training Initiative.
The RCP said it wants the Government to relax visa restrictions for the healthcare workforce and build on successful schemes such as the Medical Training Initiative.
Three hundred residents are also getting training in UK for two years as part of Medical Training Initiative undertaken with Royal Colleges of UK.
We also cooperate internationally through the Medical Training Initiative which gives overseas doctors the opportunity to work in the UK for two years as part of their career development.
Recently CPSP, in collaboration with the Royal Colleges of UK, has invited the fellows and the doctors in training, to apply to work in UK via Medical Training Initiative (MTI) scheme.
We write in reply to your thought provoking editorial: "Medical Training Initiative scheme by United Kingdom - What is its worth?"1
Medical Training Initiative scheme offered opportunities to many international medical graduates to come to UK and complete their postgraduate training.
I respond to the editorial "Medical training initiative scheme by United Kingdom: What is its worth?" published in Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences 2011;27:481-3.
Medical training initiative.

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