medical staff

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medical staff

physicians and dentists who are approved and given privileges to provide health care to patients in a hospital or other health care facility. Medical staff personnel may work full time or part time and may be employed by the facility or granted admitting privileges to practice.

medical staff, courtesy

physicians and dentists who meet certain qualifications of the medical staff of a hospital but who admit patients only occasionally or act as consultants. They are ineligible to participate in medical staff activities.

medical staff, honorary

physicians and dentists, usually retired, who are recognized by the hospital medical staff for their noteworthy contributions but who may not admit patients to the hospital or participate in medical staff activities.

medical staff

Hospital practice (US)
The organised body of licensed physicians and other healthcare providers who are permitted by law and by a hospital (through admitting privileges) to provide medical care within that hospital or facility.

Typical officers
President (chief of staff), vice-president, secretary, treasurer, immediate past president.

The MS may be “closed” (i.e., allows a defined number of specialists to practise, recruiting new members only when vacancies exist) or “open” (continually accepts new members). The medical staff is charged with accounting for the quality and appropriateness of patient care rendered by all practitioners authorised to practise in a particular institution. The MS recommends to the chief of staff appointments, re-appointments and clinical privileges.
The body of doctors and other health professionals who practice in a particular institution.

medical staff

Staff Hospital practice The organized body of licensed physicians and other health care providers, who are permitted by law and by a hospital–through admitting privileges–to provide medical care, within that hospital or health care facility. See Admitting privileges, House staff, Staff courtesy, Staff privilegesSummary suspension.
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Al Doseri pointed that the attorney will go deep in explaining the case facts at the pleadings and the way medical staff committed their crimes with unequivocal evidences.
The new medical staff requires a new set of relevant staff categories.
The agreement, which is in accordance with these guidelines, was approved by the committee duly authorized to approve hospital medical staff contracts.
The hospital also counts on the medical staff organization to oversee and regulate the practice of medicine within the hospital, using expertise not otherwise available to the hospital at any reasonable cost.
They are bound by the medical staff bylaws, which may be viewed as a constructive contract between them and the hospital.
For medical staffs, this means creating a culture in which all members of the medical staff are held accountable for its effectiveness and success.
Children's medical staff not only concurred with the agenda but also took leadership roles in its development, through the vice president of medical affairs, the elected chief of staff, the chiefs of divisions, and by adding a new position, medical director of patient safety.
Slater became senior vice president, medical staff affairs at Owensboro Medical Health System in Owensboro, Ky.

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